It is the 30th anniversary with thanks grace state

The aoaonarutorizoto which stands still in blue sky, Setonaikai National Park spreading out of the blue sea, town of whirling current Naruto. In "ao", aoaosutaffu will entertain the encounter with all of you with a smile of "I laugh for one quarter" from a mountain and the meaning to "match to encounter" of words carefully. At various events that you planned for the appreciation to all of you and a heart of the hospitality, please enjoy the encounter with superb view of Naruto and seasonal unrivaled article dishes in the four season. I am used to pleasure, surprise, an impression and an encounter and the best smile under the sky of the aoaonarutorizoto. So that your encounter becomes more memorable, with a wish.
The thought that I put in "thanks" theme logo
I designed a whirling current of Naruto Channel with the blue that was a concept color of aoao in a motif. It is the image that thanks to past patronage and the pulse to the future express. 

Hospitality of thanks of the 30th anniversary

It is one article of thanks to all of you

At dinner at a restaurant a course menu to a customer of the use,
I will present one article "Naruto sea bream dishes" of thanks.
New coronavirus infectious disease measures are accompanied
Announcement of Awa Folk Dance event cancellation
I cancel the Awa Folk Dance performance that I planned only in three days of 4/23.4/24.4/25.
Exquisite dishes from a chef
30 years when I sent Aya, various food culture including the Awaji-cho way story in Seto in Shikoku unrivaled article dishes, Shikoku season. I prepare for thanks price 3,000 yen to the who had you appreciate this ground blessed with ingredients and love unrivaled article dishes of the collected studies.

RestaurantNew Arrival 
I appreciate a blessing of Awa
As a doorway of Shikoku in Setonaikai National Park, a resort hotel of Awa Naruto, I continued sending a meal and the culture that were full of local character. I will tell him/her about charm of Awa Naruto so that I reach the 30th anniversary and thank various places and the ingredients of the blessing which had you visit so far, and it is at the time when it is more memorable in a trip and a memorial day.
Pick Up!
Feelings eggs to stock from miso ball which I packed with the taste of Awa vegetables and healthy soup pleased with health, "sommelier of the egg" Kobayashi Gold Egg are appearances for breakfast! Dishes and the salad using "Awa vegetables" assemble in full force Awa greens Tokushima brand "Awa beauty pig" and "Awa tail chicken" with the dinner.

Asian Gourmet
"The Asian meal" using ingredients of Awa appears in terasukafeoge!
Nasi goreng of nasi goreng, the Awa tail chicken of the Awa tail chicken ・Three colors of Awa fuudo Thailand style coconut curry ・Awa tail chicken chicken four fresh with sudachi ・Please have aoaoorijinarumenyu including red foot prawns and the "mimakara" of the mushroom tom yum goong.

New sweets "seasonal bejisuitsu" of the 30th anniversary comes up at the French buffet sweets corner! Let alone sweets using the seasonal fruit, please thoroughly enjoy vegetables sweets "bejisuitsu".

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Traffic access
Access map
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For JR Shikoku Naruto Line Naruto Station - pick-up bus 15 minutes,
Tokushima Awa dance airport - pick-up bus 30 minutes (require reservation)
I am operating the nonstop bus from the Keihanshin district area.
From Sannomiya
Use of nonstop bus
→ About 1 hour 40 minutes
From Osaka
Use of nonstop bus
→ About 2 hours 30 minutes
From Nagoya
Use of JR/express bus/pickup and drop-off
→ About 2 hours 40 minutes
From Tokyo
Use of plane/pickup and drop-off
→ About 1 hour 45 minutes
〒772-0053 16-45, Oge, Narutochotosadomariura, Naruto-shi, Tokushima
A representative: 088-687-2580 makes a reservation: 088-687-2913 (10:00-18:00)
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