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It travels round and round from Naruto sightseeing limousine December 10, 2022!

The sightseeing from the accommodations of the Naruto Park area to the Naruto west area is advantageous; for convenience!

In Naruto-shi, I leave seven accommodations of the resort area that is close to "a whirling current of Naruto" and the tourist attraction including "Otsuka Museum of Art", and "Naruto sightseeing limousine will start (Saturday and Sunday) service a riding together taxi to tie Naruto west area to round and round" until February, 2023.

Service day, timetable

▼With "the Oasa, Naruto area" where history remains

The Naruto west area that prospered as a doorway of Shikoku
At a starting point of "Muya Highway" where people, a thing, a technique, information came and went flourishingly from ancient times, it is history and culture, a treasure house of the art. The interchange with a captive and the Germany soldiers that it was scatters in the interesting highlight including the Bando district that still breathes after a village, World War I of the Otani ware well-established brewing warehouseman "head family Matsuura brewing place" of sake brewery Naruto in business for 200 years having been continued since the Edo era. In addition, the label place "sacred mountain temple" has it of 88 places of Shikoku most. You pass to about 3km along Muya Highway and take a walk through the town of the naruto different in gangs including the old cityscape, and please enjoy it.

The west area judging from a video

Accommodation plan

"Round and round an accommodation plan with Naruto sightseeing limousine"
With half board
[please be careful] 
The service of the limousine is only Saturday, Sunday. It does not travel on Friday. 
※This plan becomes the sightseeing of the next day of the accommodation date.

I download Naruto sightseeing limousine brochure round and round

The staying person, please make a reservation required to each hotel

● Hotel Ridge 
TEL 088-688-1212 

● Bay resort hotel Naruto jellyfish
TEL 050-3160-7333 

● Park Mizuno 
TEL 088-687-0411

● The bower seaside hotel sea bream-maru jellyfish according to the Naruto jellyfish 
TEL 050-3066-1001

● Naruto Grand Hotel jellyfish 
TEL 050-3033-5154

● Aoaonarutorizoto
TEL 088-687-2580 

● moanakosuto
TEL 088-687-2255

With the Naruto ee toko club

Naruto ee toko club is any group which the accommodations and the sightseeing company in the resort area of Naruto cooperate and raised. It was the group which moved into action for sightseeing promotion of Naruto approximately 25 years ago, but each facility attacked the power and finished an activity for a group in approximately ten years. However, by sending "charm of Naruto" and "the charm of the trip" triggered by a corona evil of 2020, wanted to connect it with regional activation. It was only the relationship called neighborhood facilities, and 7 facilities invited revival, the new member, and joint, they planned an activity until now to convey the charm in the aspect called the Naruto resort area.

The Naruto ee toko club secretariat (the aoaonarutorizoto)
TEL 088-687-2580
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