... aoaomaindofurunesu
"A now momentary feeling"
"I see it I hear it I smell it I taste it touch it" and experience the five senses 

I stretch out the back and think, but I remain it and breathe
Sound of the waves from the sea, a whistle and voice of the bird to hear in the distance
While feeling the sun and moonlight, the wind from the sea
It is not the past and the future, and turn to the heart at "now this moment"
I meet oneself showing a smile
Morning Sunshine
I feel light in the morning sun, While feeling clear atmosphere Wake with a heart and a body in "meditation of the breathing" to breathe plainly; let do it
Ocean View
I open the curtain of the guest room Feel the wind from the sea, to listen to sound of the waves, I see the fragrance of the sea breeze and the flow of the surface of the water While feeling a blessing from nature Mind toward now in straight fact I accept now
Full Moon Location
Energy of the Naruto moon which was registered with "100 Japanese moon" borrows moonlight and the power of the sea at the night of the full moon becoming most powerful and turns mind in now
AoAwo Yoga
AoAwo YOGA to perform at the best location among nature bathes in the sun to listen to sound of the waves and is a program to prepare mind and body
I fix the rhythm of the body in a hot spring

Buoyancy acts in the water and is freed from gravity. In addition, I prepare autonomic nerve by warming the body, and a relaxation effect improves. The spot where the hot spring subtilizes a sense facing own body
I prepare a mineral and hydrogen-rich water, hydrogen water. The hydrogen water attracts attention in beauty including the anti-aging and a healthy aspect. 
[setting place 8F fine view bath]
The sleep that is wrapped in good-quality linen, and is deep

I close my eyes and feel the gravity of the body sinking into the comfortable feel and futon of the linen and concentrate on "now here" in futon. Then I am relaxed unexpectedly, and consciousness dozes off.
I adopt bedingushisutemu where I introduced first-class linen, pillow into. I realized feel such as the silk. Deluxe twin (main tower), a section are double, Coat dajurusuito, You can sense it bodily in Riviera suite.
Meditation to eat

I enjoy colorful dishes with eyes and thoroughly enjoy the fragrance to close the eyes, and to go up.
 Although the meal is enough a pleasure to taste and a texture slowly
I spend time while feeling happiness and enjoy it.
※The room service is stopping now
※The afternoon tea varies in contents by a season.
I experience a season in spite of being a feeling in nature

I feel sound of the waves and cruising and the sea kayaking on the meditation sea which walks the shoreline while looking at the state to swing of the wave concentrate on it to movement and the sound of the waves of the surface of the water and can feel and are the activity that throws away idle thoughts, and is greatest, and can feel between just this eyewink.
Mind Fournet's recommended item
Aroma massage salt

A lot of seaweed ingredient, Haiyan aroma massage salt of Tokushima is "the new moon of Naruto" and send "at" deep breathing time.

Aroma oil

A fragrance relaxing with incense of the essential oil which blended a grapefruit, Mandarin, a geranium, a lavender.
Awa indigo dyeing experience
While I concentrate on it through a trip repeating work and colors to create patterns, facing the technique called goods dyed deep blue, a heart is whetted calmly
 It will be that it is the time that is "mind Fournet's".
Country of place/Awa
The neighborhood sightseeing spot where is recommended to mind Fournet's

※The photograph is an image. ※Contents may be changed.
Is not the past and the future; on that day
Scenery and experience of the once-in-a-lifetime chance to be able to taste only at the moment
I meet smile oneself spilling for "a heart" toward now
Mind Fournet's of aoao