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Rent-a-bicycle, a garden pool, the recreation facilities including the tennis are fulfilling to have you enjoy a resort life more.
You can enjoy various marine sports in a private beach in the summer, too.
※Contents, a price may be changed.
AoAwo Beach Land
I play with nature playing with the sea!
We challenge fishing to catch Naruto sea bream, and let's enjoy cruising. 
*Please refrain from an air conditioner box, a parasol, a tent including the durability, the use of eating and drinking.

Traditional Experience
Experience of Awa

Sports & Activity
Sports & activity

Superb view BBQ & Fishing to enjoy on a raft of calm Uchinoumi!

A period: From October 1, 2023 to November 30
Time: 12:00-16:00 (about four hours)
(/1st one set first-come-first-served basis requiring reservation up to seven days before) 
The feeling is a Tom so shop! Let's enjoy fishing and BBQ on "a raft"♪
Please enjoy fishing and a barbecue on a raft floating in the sea of Naruto of the Nature.
I cook it in dinner and bring the fish which I was able to catch to the table.
※I may cancel it by the situation of the sea.

yoga activity

AoAwo YOGA to perform at yoga activity beach and the poolside only by the aoaonarutorizoto nestling on the very large site in Setonaikai National Park, the best location among nature including the garden bathes in the sun to listen to sound of the waves and is a program to fix the mind and body.
[date/for each 50 minutes] On Saturday → AoAwo yoga (15:00-18:00), Sunday → I practice yoga in the morning (5:00-8:00)
※Apply from a form making a reservation up to three days before. 
※When, at the time of stormy weather, temperature is low; the indoor become held.
※It becomes the operation of two people ... other than the private yoga.
※There is the stop day, too. The details, please identify a reservation calendar.

Hotel neighboring sports & activity information

Oshigoto Taiken
The experience that works
Let's experience the work at the hotel happily in aoao! 

Taste Picking
Seasonal taste hunting

Starlit sky terrace

Way of enjoying Naruto resort areas

Three islands of Ogejima, Shimada Island, Takashima are in the northern part of Naruto-shi, and farm products and marine resources are produced from the unique topography abundantly. In addition, I prepare for experience-based contents utilized scenery and the culture of nature.
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