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I introduce sound guidance about a main phone number (088-687-2580). When you called me, I ask about the matter to take care of of the customer by sound guidance first.

<sound guidance>
Let make a reservation of the staying restaurant, and ask it; "the first"

●Other inquiries have you push "the second" and put you through to the operator concerned when they have you further push the following applicable number.
・The customer who wants the front "the first"
・In a wedding and local customers the inquiry of the banquet "the second"
・The inquiry of the thing left behind "the third"
・The inquiry to a shop "the fourth"
・The inquiry about the adjustment after the staying "the fifth"

※In the case of anonymous setting, you push 186 before a phone number, and have a seat.

Staying, restaurant reservation, banquet, lunch reservation, inquiry

A telephone: 088-687-2580 (10:00-18:00)

Free shuttle bus reservation [airport, JR Naruto Station, high-speed Naruto bus stop]

※Until three days ago need advanced reservations.
A telephone: 088-687-2580 (I call with navigator dial "1".)
[Tokushima Awa dance airport → JR Naruto Station → high speed Naruto bus stop → hotel]
[hotelhigh speed Naruto bus stop JR Naruto Station → Tokushima Awa dance airport]

Wedding inquiry

Inquiry [email form] about the wedding
A telephone: 088-687-2580 (10:00-19:00)
※If sound guidance is called off; "2" → You push "2", and please advance.

Other inquiries

A telephone: 088-687-2580 (main)
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