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※The trip AI concierge is a function to tie a prepared answer to an input question beforehand. It is not a chat in response to an individual item. Thank you for your understanding.

It is staying-related

The difference of Q main tower and the south tower?
Is there the Q smoking cessation room?
Please tell me the thing which you can rent to the Q guest room.
What has the amenity of the Q guest room?
Can you stay with Q pet?
The rate of the Q parking lot?
Are there Q laundry corner, the ice cube corner?
What is Q ice cube?
Can you send baggage before departure from Q?
Is there the rental of the Q wheelchair?
What kind of service is Q Club Savvy?
When is Q day before holiday?
When is time for Q check-in and check-out?
Can I leave baggage even after check-out before Q check-in?
Till when is the reservation of the Q day return plan possible?
Can I reserve the plan of the Q homepage on the telephone?
I want to cancel a reservation under the influence of Q typhoon, how do a method and the rate of the cancellation turn out?
Do I want to cancel the reservation that I proposed from a reservation site and the travel agency except the Q hotel?
Can you use a bed and the baby cot in the Q Japanese-style room?

Restaurant connection

Can I reserve the Q restaurant?
Is there the kids menu in the Q restaurant?
Is there the Q dress code?
Is the Q restaurant non-smoking?
Is there the restaurant with the Q age limit? In addition, please tell me about handling of the baby food.
Is there the restaurant where Q food allergy can support?
Is there the available restaurant with Q stroller, a wheelchair?
Where is the restaurant which Q breakfast is available to?
Where is the restaurant which Q lunch is available to?
When you want to celebrate Q memorial day, what kind of thing can you do?

Hot spring connection

Is there the time that it is easy to take advantage of of the Q hot spring?
Do you come by return bathing on Q day?

Baby connection

Is there the Ms. Q in-service yukata?
Are there the rentals such as Q stroller, the bed guard?
Would you sterilize the Q nursing bottle?
Do you sell a baby article at the Q hotel?
Is there the hospital including the pediatrics around Q?
Is there the milk for the Q baby in the stand?

Facilities connection in the hall

When is the Q "Awa Folk Dance live" performed publicly?
What is Q "aoaobichirando?"
Is there the rental of towel in Q beach and the pool?
Is there the Q shower & locker room?
The period of use of Q pool and the beach?
Can the child doing Q diaper play a beach and a pool?
Is there the Malin menu which is recommended to Q child?
Is there the rental of the Q swimsuit?
Are Malin menus such as a beach or the cruising available to other than Q hotel guest, too?
Is there the parking lot for the Q person with a physical disability?
Is there the place (the place where a logo becomes available) where is recommended to the taking a ceremonial photograph at the Q hotel?
Are the Q fireworks done?
Is there the place that can buy a souvenir of Q Tokushima?
Is there the shade in the Q pool? In addition, is the carry-on of a parasol and the tent possible?
Is there the Wi-Fi environment in Q building?
Can you smoke in Q building?
Can the Q work experience be reserved on the telephone?

Guidance & others neighboring

What does sightseeing in around Q have?
Do you sell the discount tickets of around Q facilities?
Is there the bus from Q Osaka, the Kobe area?
Is there the Q ATM corner?
Can I borrow a rent-a-car at Q hotel?
How do you go to Q Otsuka Museum of Art, Uzunomichi?
Where will pickup and drop-off to Q hotel come to pick him up to?
Are there pickup and drop-off when I parked in the Q third parking lot?
Is there the fishing spot near Q?
Does business to send Q baggage include the boxes such as the corrugated cardboard?
Can you see the Q Dharma morning sun?
What kind of car is Q courtesy car?
Please tell me a privilege and the enrollment method of the Q HPD member.
Can even Q camper enter the parking lot?

About HPD reword

What is the Q HPD reword?
What will the Q HPD reword be different from HPD golden club in?
Where are membership and the point of the Q HPD reword available?
What kind of merit is there when I enroll in Q HPD reword?
How can Q enroll?
I have already enrolled in Q HPD golden club. Is it necessary to join HPD reword newly, and to go through the procedure?
Does it cost to enroll in Q HPD reword?
Is there the Q member card?
What should I do to be reserved at Q member rate?
How many days is the reservation using the Q membership benefit possible for?
Which rate is it that is for the Q point?
How do you know the number of Q possession points?
Is there the expiration date at the Q point?
How long does it take before Q point is added to an account?
The point that I got by the stay of the Q past was not added. What should I do?
What should I do to make a reservation using a point for Q family and a friend?
What should I do to be reserved at Q member rate?
For a reservation of the Q respectiveness, can you win the points?
When Q account registrant makes an appointment with another person and pays the price, does an account registrant come by point acquisition?
Which carrying does the Q formula application support?
Are the specifications of the application of iPhone same as Q Android?
Is the downloading of the Q application charged?
Does Q need the sign-in to use it?
What kind of Q application is it?
What is the weather around the Q hotel?
When Q application does not start, what should I do?

Request at the time of the facilities use

・The hall private business slippers are not available outdoors. In addition, please refrain from the use of a pool in yukata, jinhei for the rental and the beach.
・ In the case of use of hotel facilities, I have you refrain from the exposure of all tattoos including the fashion tattoo of the one point. You wear a jacket, rush guard, and please use facilities. 
・The smoking in a hotel and the beach, please use an appointed smoking place.
・ Please refrain from the entrance in the hall with the swimsuit. In the case of entering a building, I have you wipe off sand and water in a hall from the beach, and I would like the wearing such as a jacket, the shirt.
・ I would like the wearing of a diaper and the swimsuit for the swimming on the pool use of the infant. 

I would appreciate your understanding of the customer and cooperation.
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