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Employment information

Like a customer as for the staff carefully
The staff values the aoaonarutorizoto equally when I take good care of a customer. And I recommend what the staff respects each other. If a hotel is anxious about the staff, and the staff respects each other, this is because it thinks that it is anxious about a customer heartily, and it should be able to respect it.
A customer of aoao a discoverer (detector).
It which "something wonderful, new is found in even if I go on a trip for any reason to go where" is a creed of aoaoburando.
We practice three core values (sense of values) to support this creed.

With three core values
  1. I attract interest
  2. Community-based
  3. I have originality
I act as we aoaonarutorizoto for the offer of the service so that the stay of the customer becomes the special experience to remain in the memory according to the creed.
Offer essential point
Regular staff employment information
The offer type of job
The reservation /WEB staff
Salary 160,000-180,000 yen
PC basics operation/person who experienced kind treatment required
Shift system of 9:00-19:00
Restaurants manager
Salary 360,000-400,000 yen
More than hotel restaurant or restaurant experience ten years (required the management experience)
Shift system of 6:00-24:00
Restaurant service
Salary 150,000-190,000 yen
Non-experience possible experienced person kind treatment
Shift system of 6:00-24:00
Wedding coordinator
Salary 200,000-230,000 yen
Experienced person kind treatment
Shift system of 9:00-20:00
Banquet (banquet) sales
Salary 200,000-230,000 yen
Experienced person kind treatment
Shift system of 9:00-20:00
Secretary (secretary)
Salary 200,000-230,000 yen
Experienced person kind treatment
Japanese food/Western food cooking
Salary 190,000-260,000 yen
More than cooking experience three years
Shift system of 6:00-22:00
Confectionery cooking
Salary 190,000-250,000 yen
More than cooking experience five years
Shift system of 8:00-22:00
The recreation staff
Salary 150,000-180,000 yen
Non-experience is possible
Shift system of 8:00-22:00
The personnel affairs staff
Salary 150,000-170,000 yen
Non-experience is possible​

※The salary of each type of job decides past experience and ability by our regulations after consideration enough.

[service] Appointment system, bonus (twice a year) to a regular staff, social insurance perfection, commutation allowance, meal allowance, shainryoyu, uniform loan
[others] It is 108 days on a holiday in the year such as a company dormitory, employee trip once a year, employee party once a year, a sporting event
※As of March 23, 2024

Application method

A resume (photograph pasting) to the person in charge of adoption please mail it.
Clearly stating the following items mentioned, please send it. (item required as for ※)

・The type of job to hope for
・The name (furigana)
・E-mail address
・Contact information (zip code, the metropolis and districts, address, phone number)
・Returning home time (one overseas an address)
・The last educational background (school name, department name, subject name, degree)
・Graduation/possibility age time
・Language study information (TOEIC/score, English official approval/series)
・Reason to wish to join us
・What do you focus on as an entering a company reason to the company?
・PC skill

Part timer
The offer type of job
Restaurant service
Hourly wage 1,100 yen
Non-experience is possible
Weekdays-limited 6:00-11:00

※It is possible only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
 ※Time consultation required ※Experienced person kind treatment (hourly wages consideration) ※Possible car commuting (P for free)

[service] Appointment system to a regular staff, social insurance perfection, commutation allowance, meal allowance, uniform loan

[others] Employee party once a year, sporting event 
108 days a year (I take a rest nine times a month)
※As of February 14, 2023

Application method

E-mail or a resume (photograph pasting) to the person in charge of adoption please mail it.
Clearly stating the following items mentioned, please send it. (item required as for ※)

・The type of job to hope for
・The name (furigana)
・E-mail address
・Contact information (zip code, the metropolis and districts, address, phone number)
・Work experience (things more than being on the register roll one year)
・Reason to wish to join us

Inquiry about the application
〒772-0053 16-45, Oge, Narutochotosadomariura, Naruto-shi, Tokushima
Aoaonarutorizoto personnel affairs adoption charge
 A telephone: 088-687-2912 extension number 18
Welfare program
I focus on the making of environment where the staff works out of the faith "that the staff values like a customer" happily.
I carry out "staff questionnaire (employee satisfaction investigation)" for all the staff regularly and, based on an opinion and suggestion of each staff, the again questionnaire result, try for the new establishment of improvement and the system.
Social insurance system
Health insurance, welfare annuity insurance, unemployment insurance, workmen's accident compensation insurance
Welfare facilities
Company dormitory, cafeteria (employee restaurant), locker room, nap room equipped with a shower room, rest room
Prize system
Long service commendation
Welfare facilities
●Cafeteria (employee restaurant)
The cafeteria which provides plural dishes, miso soup (soup), salad in the buffet form of today's menu. I prepare curry, udon, the soba.
If it is breakfast 6:30-9:30, lunch 11:00-15:00, time of dinner 16:00-20:00, the use is OK again and again!
※There is a midnight snack
●Company dormitory (a single person alone a family)
An address: 〒 772-0053 Narutochomitsuishi, Naruto-shi, Tokushima south major 39-1
A building: Steel reinforced concrete 3 stories (70 rooms in total)
[the first floor] Manager room
・26 male single person dormitories (1K type)
・24 female single person dormitories (1K type)
・Five rooms (1DK type) for the live-alone
・15 rooms (2DK type) for the family
●Equipped with free WI-FI
●64 parking lots
●Facilities: Single bed, air-conditioner, W.C, bus
●Neighboring facilities: It is about ten minutes by car to Naruto Station
●It is about five minutes by car to a 2-minute walk from convenience store super, a bookstore, the family restaurant

Equipped with Wi-Fi! I provide the comfortable Internet environment

The dormitory is fully equipped with free Wi-Fi!
Family party
I invite the staff and the family once a year and hold a family party. There are the fun games such as sushi and a steak, delicious dessert, the large lottery where the accommodation coupon of a little child bingo meeting and the group hotel is again a lot.
Employee trip
I carry out an annual employee trip. I deepen the friendship between employees and experience other hotels and inns in the situation of the customer and make use for own duties.
Sporting event
I carry out a quarterly sporting event. There are volleyball, dodge ball, various athletic meets including the bowling meeting, and communication take it with the staff of other sections and sweats happily.
Club activities
Entertainment department, baseball club, lady's golf club
Facilities use system with the employee special price
Aoaonarutorizoto, renaissance resort Okinawa,
Here garden resort Okinawa, string and lucky sign bower, lucky sign yamanakanadono group hotel are available with an employee special price.
It is the system that is used a lot for the staying in a co-worker and families.
Traing System
Personnel system
Various types of job are at the hotel and there are various positions in the type of job and is really various.
Therefore, for the purpose of having you show personal ability and will to the maximum, I make duties and the responsibilities every type of job, position clear and introduce the system that an entry does an aim to want you to wrestle as an aim and the organization where the person wants to wrestle from that in both sides and perform an appropriate evaluation of ability and the result.
The training system
The new employee training (entering a company orientation)
I carry it out for the purpose of the knowledge of the hotel required to a new employee, the acquisition of the basic skill of the waiting on customers including service mind, an honorific and the service manner for the customer.
The training according to the section
It is hosted by a section and carries out a program in line with OJT and each business.
The management training
I aim at the improvement of a skill and the consciousness to be required to the leadership and coaching, a manager including the managerial class seminar holding.
The language study training
I carry all year out the English conversation school by the native lecturer in the company to always greet guests from the foreign countries in aoaorizotookinawa and pour power into the acquisition of the language study skill.
The home and abroad training
I carry out the training at our group hotel and hotel of the Marriott group in home and abroad and provide a growth opportunity widening a skill and various fields of vision.
Child care support system
Regardless of a man, a woman, I make the optional following systems by the hope of the person to support coexistence of work and the child care.
①The leave of absence from duty during the child care period of the child younger than one year or system contracted for the working hours until two hours a day
②Duty shortening system during the child care period of the child of 1 year old ... preschool child a day of one hour
③Part duty switch system (I guarantee the regular staff after the period and position return) during the child care period of the child of 1 year old ... preschool child
Work at the hotel
Hotel Job
The staff plays an active part in various stages and supports a hotel to have the customer of the visit spend a comfortable hotel life to aoaonarutorizoto.
I introduce some types of job.
The bell staff having a customer with a smile at the front entrance is important existence to give the first impression of the hotel.
After the check-in at the front desk, I lead baggage to the custody guest room and perform the valley service to hand the car which I took at the front entrance during the stay.
In addition, I offer a help of the taking a ceremonial photograph, and "is anything not you are looking for?" always performs the attention of whether "it is what or cannot help it", and a customer coming to the lobby calls.
The front desk
It is the important existence that the images of the hotel are gathered for a short reception including check-in and the check-out of the customer.
The quick and comfortable reception that considered a tired customer by a long journey enough is demanded by the check-in.
I provide heartfelt hospitality for 24 hours to become a more comfortable stay including the guest room arrangement in consideration of a request and the number of people to stay constitution of the customer.
Restaurant service
There are five restaurant bars in the hotel and provides various dishes with a certain unit-related form each.
Of course the explanation of dishes creates a special time through the communication with the customer to have you experience the non-daily space called the resort not the place of the simple meal.
I provide "pleasing" to choose to a customer in various concepts as well as French, Japan, Awa regional cuisine for each restaurant including the buffet.
Even one which a customer gives to me always challenges new menu creation for words of many "it was delicious".
I perform maintenance and setting to always maintain public space such as corridors in the best quality including a guest room.
I get ready in spite of being consideration quickly in detail whether furniture and furniture do not have abnormality and wait for the arrival of the customer in cooperation with a porter in the guest room.
It is important existence to provide the comfortable space to the customer.
Malin entertainment
I provide private beach, outdoor pool and various Malin menus to have you enjoy the blue sea, marine resort of Naruto.
The attention always does security of the customer on various stage including the reception desk staff of the fish land nu and provides the charm of the sea.
Wedding coordinator
Until the day of a wedding, the banquet of the bridal couple getting married make a plan, and make arrangements for the realization of the image.
I perform suggestion of the hospitality only in aoao to study common sense, the tradition of the wedding ceremony, and to be able to be pleased with all of you attended.
"It is the work that oneself feels happiness whenever I see the smile that seems to be happy of bridal couple."
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