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Privacy policy

We "aoaonarutorizoto" is first in the relationship of mutual trust with the customer and makes an effort to offer service to be satisfied with.
When I make a reservation as our main duties and work, I may take the important personal information of the customer.
I think that we have a duty to perform the appropriate use, management about information to identify a full name, an address, the individual including the phone number.
Therefore I carry out the following approaches and declare that I perform business.

About collection, the use, an offer of the personal information

I establish protection, the system to manage and I establish the official regulations about the appropriate collection, use, offer and observe personal information.

Safety measures of the personal information

For a risk (unauthorized access to personal information, loss, destruction, manipulation of the personal information) for the personal information, I perform the rational prevention and correction and secure safety, accuracy of the personal information.

The observance of laws and ordinances, the model about the personal information

I am always conscious of laws and ordinances, models about the personal information and observe the contents.

About the continuous improvement of the approach to personal information protection

I always try for improvement, the improvement of the approach to perform protection of the personal information appropriately.

General manager
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