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One-day plan

※All plans come to require reservation.
※Come to 1F terasukafeoge on the day of the use. I hand the use ticket.
■I do business, and, during the period of from May 9, 2023 to June 16, the outdoor bath should stop for facilities construction.
※In addition, the 8F fine view bath is open.

[lunch & hot spring plan] Of natural hot spring and Awa of healing is delicious! It is served unlimitedly in this

Does neither the heart nor the body heal everyday fatigue by the hot spring of the resort hotel and a meal? I add a drink-free flow as regional cuisine buffet "absorption of restaurant Aya which used local ingredients abundantly in Awa" and a special lunch privilege. After having satisfied an appetite with a buffet, please enjoy a spacious natural hot spring.
Period of use from February 1, 2023 to July 13, September 1-2,024 years March 31
Mealtime 11:30 -/13:15 ...
※Apply the day before by 17:00
※There is the exclusion day, too (please confirm it from a reservation site)
Lunch buffet (privilege/drink-free flow) + hot spring + fishing pond
Adult 5,000 yen primary schoolchild 3,000 yen infant 2,000 yen

[for a limited time! Absorption in Awa of the one-day lunch plan] "Father's Day special" noon

2023.6/1-30 "father" is thank-you special price ¥3900 Japanese yen!

 Do you not convey everyday thanks in the pattern that is pleasing in a hotel buffet? I am entertained with a slightly luxurious lunch by father simply because it is a special day. After a meal to the hot water ttari natural hot spring…. Please spend a blissful time.
※A Father's Day special price: "Father" ¥3900 (normal price 5,000 yen)
Mealtime 11:30 -/13:15 ...
※Apply the day before by 17:00
From June 10, 2023 to June 30
Lunch buffet (privilege/drink-free flow) + hot spring + fishing pond
Father 3,900 yen 
※"Customers except father" are usually price adult 5,000 yen primary schoolchild 3,000 yen infant 2,000 yen.

※All the photographs are images.

Sea bathing plan 2023

It is the sea bathing plan that beach + lunch available was bundled.
[period] 2023.7/1-8/31
 ・Towel rental (per person one piece), beach mat for free (per person one piece), beach umbrella (as for every one/one set or four)

※It requires reservation by 17:00 of the day before on the use day
※ In the case of use of hot spring, 1,000 yen becomes needed separately.
※The pool is not available.
You have you prefer the lunch to following restaurant ①-③, and please make a reservation from WEB.
Guidance ... of ... date
①Absorption in regional cuisine buffet Awa → It is held every day
②terasukafeoge → It is held every day
③The tip top → 7/1-7/15 limits it on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, and 7/16-8/31 is held every day

※③Eating and drinking with the swimsuit on OK only the tip top
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