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[lunch] Absorption in Awa of the Awa regional cuisine buffet noon


Side dish of Awa

■Warm side dish 
・Dish simmered in ground fish boiled and seasoned fish or vegetable, root soboro
■Side dish to put it on the hot rice, and to eat 
・Dish simmered in, Yanagawa style of tofu and Awa vegetables liking a cow
■Chilled side dish 
・Dip foods dressed with vinegar and miso, Japanese mustard spinach of the Naruto seaweed; the Tosa foods seasoned with vinegar, ground fish Western of the edible wild plant Japanese style namul, Naruto seaweed
■One kind of seasonal seasonal green
In the summer: With okra okaka or tomato pickles

13 kinds of Aya seasonal Aya salad

Aya seasonal Aya salad
Naruto bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans salad, lotus root salad green vegetable salad coleslaw red cabbage onion slice, here Naruto seaweed, Japanese radish, carrot, mini-tomato sweet corn, bean sprouts, cucumber

■The dressing
Leave the nest olive oil/made specially in Caesar salad/French/sesame dressing/green shiso/Shodoshima; seeds of mayonnaise/ketchup/pine nut/peanut/sunflower/crouton/furaidoonion/furaidogarikku

Seasonal Aya bamboo steamer steaming

■Steamed vegetables 
・Not soggy Naruto bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans, lotus root, carrot, broccoli, Seoul, Tokushima food bamboo tubular fish meat
・Citron miso, Naruto salt, Awa is full; leave the nest, and leave the nest, and mayonnaise leaves the nest; salt nobody

Specialty native district sushi of Awa

Specialty native district sushi of Awa
The ingredients "boiled and sweetened adzuki beans" which are familiar in Tokushima. As rice is precious, and sweets were feasts in old days, what put boiled and sweetened adzuki beans on a day of the fine weather, please have origin and done native district sushi.
■First sound of the wooden clappers citron regional cuisine entering sweet boiled and sweetened adzuki beans rose sushi of Tokushima full
■Salad roll of the Naruto bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans made specially in Tokushima
■Roll sushi of the Seoul, Tokushima food fish cutlet

... open kitchen ...

zori corner

It is excellent at the freshness because I begin to talk on the spot and provide it! Naruto sea bream or the sudachi yellowtail of the crunchy texture to leave the nest, and to eat with ponzu vinegar which eat with salt. Please have it with zori and a seafood bowl.

"Specialty Naruto sea bream"
"A tuna"
"Tokushima choice brand sudachi tries to be you" or "waits for the Tokushima Naruto whirling current"

●Just eat;, too, and even stock chazuke is delicious! "With Naruto sea bream sesame soy sauce"
Bowl image luxurious as for the photograph

●A bowl luxurious in this! It is a scree in a call heaping bowlful of to rice
"Sea foods pickles"
・Ponzu vinegar soaks it; anyone, soy sauce, Naruto salt, Japanese radish
・Onion slice, the sun meal anyone, wasabi
・Local Naruto seaweed, sudachi that grated radish with carrot, Awa is full

Freshly-fried tempura corner

A tempura corner of the freshly-fried pride including noted product "Naruto seaweed" of Naruto "Naruto bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans."
Please have it with the standard sky soup, osamesosu which continues being loved in a hometown from the old days, change salt. I will have tempura udon on udon, and the tempura bowl to eat is exquisite with sesame oil fragrant chef de cuisine specially made sauce on rice.
・Not soggy Naruto bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans
・Sweet Awajishima onion
・Crisp Naruto seaweed 
・Fleshy shiitake of Oasa-cho
・Kidney beans
・Green pepper
・Rice cake tto lotus root
・Udon and affinity ◎ tubular fish meat
・Crunchy kakiage of the ground shrimp and vegetables   
In spring: Broad beans canola flower field pea peas bamboo shoots
In the summer: The tomato green pepper corn okra which does

・Recommendation! The sauce of the sesame oil fragrant chef de cuisine specially made tempura bowl! ・Popular sudachi of sky soup, Awa
・Local taste osameusutasosu leaves the nest; a salt anyone, grated radish
・I leave the nest, and lemon salt, citron in salt, Seto salts it Naruto salt, snow salt

Juicy roast pork

■Roast pork 
I provide about 5 kg of roast pork which just roasts a lump of flesh, and confined taste. The happy longevity soy sauce which I am particular about the manufacturing method at the time of the founding in 1826 (Bunsei 9) and continue protecting makes it, and, other than a standard steak source, "unrefined miso", please have "even asskicking hot seasoning mimakara" reaching the West Tokushima Mima district from the old days.
・Unrefined miso, grated radish of steak source ponzu vinegar, spicy miso, the happy longevity ・I leave the nest, and a noted product of salt anyone, Awa leaves the nest local taste osameusuta ・I leave the nest, and a lemon in salt, Seto salts it Naruto salt, snow salt gem "mimakara" of Mimacho ・Citron salt, honey mustard

Noted product noodles corner boasting the waist

The tradition of 200 years, it is the solder somen of large noodles and the udon boasting the eminent drinkability smooth waist slightly.
The tempura udon which I put bonito stock-based curry stock and freshly-fried tempura on is recommended.
■Soft and smooth udon boasting the waist
■Large noodles solder somen of the Tsurugi-cho, Tokushima tradition
■Crunchy vegetables and sticky texture broiled pig innards on skewers udon
・Fragrance taste almighty bonito stock, body noiriko stock, cold soup, pure soy
・The curry stock that bonito stock-based spice is fragrant
・The somen stock which feels the ground prawns and the flavor of the dried shiitake
・An unrivaled article! The Naruto seaweed which a tide of Naruto Channel brought up
・Ise Grand Shrine dedication "red young dori Ise Grand Shrine dedication Awa hand knob egg" straight/ongyoku
・Olive oil made specially in Shodoshima
・Leave the nest; shichimi
・Citron shichimi
・Grated radish
・Seasoning fried bean curd
・Noted product sudachi of Awa  
・Yam grated yam 
・Kinshi egg 
・donko shiitake
・I lend you the sky

Vaunted local meal and miso soup

There is chazuke stock to be able to eat whirling current hot pot juice, the sea foods that the taste of specialty of whirlpool taimeshi of the Aya pride and vegetables of Awa was clogged up on rice

■Specialty of whirlpool taimeshi
■Koshihikari from Tokushima
■Seasonal takikomi gohan
From April to June: Spring standard beans rice
From July to September: The corn rice that sweetness becomes more attractive

■A pickle: Pickled shallot, green pepper pickles pickled in a pickled plum, a pickled daikon, a cherry tree (April, 2024 - assorted vegetables hashed and pickled in salt)

Low dining table miso soup
■Miso soup with fishmeat miso soup
Local Naruto seaweed leek
■Chazuke stock
Popular sudachi of sesame wasabi Awa


Please appreciate bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans potato sweets and others, fruit and jelly.
■Bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans potato sweets
・Naruto bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans/vanilla ice-cream cone, Naruto bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans fried sweet potato seasoned with caramel, potato kempi
・Strawberry source chocolate source cornflakes chocolate Krispy
・Orange grapefruit
■Double berry cake/salted caramel/bracken rice cake/orange jelly/blue apple jelly
*No fruit juice


■Roasted tea
※The rate includes tax, a service charge.
※Dishes content may be changed by a season, the stocking situation.
※As the restaurant may be crowded, please make a reservation beforehand.
 ・WEB reservation (24 hours possibility)
 ・Reservation, inquiry 088-687-2580 (10:00-18:00/sound guidance yu) over the telephone
※The photograph is an image.

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