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The oceanfront resort that overlooks Setonaikai National Park, Naruto Channel. I possess a private beach and the pool for exclusive use of the guest, and the activity only in the resort is abundant. From a guest room and the outdoor bath of the natural hot spring, I can look at Naruto moon road of "100 Japanese moon" authorization at the night of the morning sun and the full moon rising to the sea. I can thoroughly enjoy the mountain seafood including Naruto sea bream and the Awa cow in the cafe of the superb view overlooking a regional cuisine buffet, a simple meal served for a drinking party, French, char-grilling, the sea. A fishing pond and the Naruto Channel cruising of the Naruto sea bream, a local program including the indigo dyeing are popular.
The catwalk to tie a main tower and south tower to is in 1F and two places of the top floor.
●A main tower: There is the front desk (1F), a hot spring (1F, 8F), a shop (1F), a restaurant (1F, 2F, 8F), a cafe (1F), a banquet room (1F, 2F, 8F). (in 3F - 7F a guest room) 
●A south tower: There is a country (1F) of Awa. (in 2F - 9F a guest room)


Awa regional cuisine Aya
French food four season
Naruto sea foods Naruto
Char-grilling sea breeze

Guidance [relaxation in the guest room] of the in room relaxation

It becomes the surgical operation in the room of the customer.
※It is the surgical operation from clothes, the yukata.

・Time in 19:00-24:00 (last reception desk 23:00)
・It is extension number 7 from the guest room making a reservation
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