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Chapel wedding
I am embraced in the blue sky and sea, and the life of two people begins now
In the aoaonarutorizoto, you can choose wedding-style from a church type, the public expression, God former ceremony.
Did you decide the wedding-style? When he/she is wondering which style fits two people, please consult with a wedding planner.
I suggest the wedding ceremony where is good to two people to become the memorable wedding ceremony (wedding).

The seaside church "cent ceraFick Church"
The church (chapel) "cent ceraFick Church" which nestles near the sea.
The blue sea spreading out forever, the sky which there is not of the thing to block, a wide garden.
Be wrapped up in the scenery that a heart becomes calm, and the church (chapel) "cent ceraFick Church" is waiting for time of the wedding calmly.
Panoramic view to continue forever
In a church (chapel), the solemn stained glass which Christ and Maria were drawn blesses two people.
The ocean view of the limit to look around on the other side of the altar if I open the stained glass.

At the time of conversing with full of the smiles that a flower flies
After a wedding, enjoy a welcome party before a flower shower and a banquet smartly in a large garden.

In the image of the moment
In the seaside church "cent ceraFick Church", in the case of "a wedding fair" and "a conference", you can observe it. There are two people, and do you not observe the location of the ocean view?
The attendance number of people: 8.35 meters of 80 people virgin road

The public expression to promise love in front of an attendant
Wedding-style to swear the love of two people with "the public expression" (jinzenshiki) in front of an attendant.
There is not a religion color, and progress, music, the clothes of the wedding ceremony, the words of the oath, the wedding with the original style of all two people are possible.
Wedding to dye into the color of two people
The one where attract as public-type wedding space a church, a garden, a private beach, the poolside.

The point to have the wedding like two to progressing having you think about a thing to like, a common hobby, encounter slowly and carefully.
In the aoaonarutorizoto, a wedding planner hears a story and I suggest the public like two it-type and advise you.
Please feel free to contact us.
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