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Wedding plan

The church (chapel) "cent ceraFick Church" which nestles near the sea. The blue sea spreading out forever, the sky which there is not of the thing to block, a wide garden. Be wrapped up in the scenery that a heart becomes calm, and the church (chapel) "cent ceraFick Church" is waiting for time of the wedding calmly. The title page of the story of two that the stained glass in the church will begin from now on. The azure sea and the glitter from a blue sky continuing forever to spread magnificently when I open out quietly wrap up two easily.
The flower shower from all of you and trees, a small bird, the sky of the garden, the seas bless two people after the wedding.
 The sea is recommended to a favorite person. The public expression in the private beach is possible, too. For more details, please refer.
It is included in a plan
Christianity-style or public expression (clergyman or host, organist), marriage certificate, order of a ceremony
Wedding dress (rental 180,000 yen equivalency), tuxedo
Beauty dressing
I include dressing, hair make
Flower arrangement bouquet (I include boot near), chair sohana in the church, flower shower
Snapshot with the original stands
Helper charges
Staying dressing room charge for free of bridal couple
Snapshot with the original stands

■Of the person present staying from a hotel!

The person who thinks of the dinner party together prepares for the dinner plan.
Please use it with the wedding plan mentioned above.

Please refer to a wedding salon for the detailed contents of the wedding plan and the estimate.
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