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The sound of the wave does not still change all the time
A day, the sea of fine weather re always near two.
The sea which shines shiningly. A white wave. The blue sky. Here is the place of the beginning of two.
On the day to promise everlasting love at the age of both a lover and the fiance.
For a memory, the shining sea snuggles up to two with a smile.
Long time to repeat the lives from now on
It becomes the important place that here can return anytime.

Seaside ceremony

Go ahead through the garden while receiving refreshing sea breeze, to a church (chapel).
The wedding ceremony that is watched on solemn stained glass. The ocean view of the limit to look around on the other side of the altar if I open the stained glass which held a wedding without delay more.

Seaside theme wedding

Azure to hark back to the sea, resort Riviera, sea spreading in front, everlasting love "blue Rose." In the aoaonarutorizoto, I prepare for various theme weddings. In the space where the coordinates that are high sense can show a bride gorgeously.

Ocean view stay

As for the run-up on the day of the wedding ceremony. The sea of the naruto to always see if I tread into aoaonarutorizoto. It is the charm of the hotel wedding day before wedding ceremony or that on the day can just enjoy a hotel stay without movement. By the service only in the spacious cozy resort hotel the hospitality of the guest.
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