I have many people know charm and the splendor of the meal that climate of Tokushima cultivated and want to share it together. With such thought, I named rich ingredients from Tokushima "Awa fuudo".

Of this
The sea
Good luck

In the north, in Nada, Harima, the east, in the Kii water supply, the south, Tokushima facing the unusual sea area is blessed with type-rich marine resources for a long time each with the Pacific. I have a firm it, and, as for the fishery products which suffered hardship in an intense tide of "Naruto Whirlpools" occurring at Naruto Channel, the body is well delicious.
Naruto sea bream
Pike conger (in the summer) of Tokushima
Lobster (in autumn)
Three years tiger globefish (in winter)
In addition, please thoroughly enjoy Naruto seaweed, an abalone, throughout the year various fishery products including the rock oyster.
Other than "Awa tail chicken" of the best shipment number of birds in Japan of the regional chicken, the brand meat such as "Awa cow" "Awa beauty pig" is famous. In addition, I name “ Awa ground Mie (awajibie) “ and work on the spread and the consumption expansion of gibier dishes.
Awa cow
Awa beauty pig
Awa tail chicken


The rich soil which Shikoku's greatest river Yoshinogawa brought. Tokushima makes use of the topography or climatic condition full of changes well,
I produce a great variety of farm products with high quality throughout the year.
When become; a bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans
Lotus root
Restaurant & Cafe Bar Information
5 unique restaurants available to a favorite style
[limited day holding] Family buffet

Adult can thoroughly enjoy the newly made cooking that the child can enjoy, too. I prepare for sashimi and sushi, tempura, steak to bake in front, Japanese-Western style Chinese warm & chilled dishes, salad, dessert! In GW and summer vacation, I hold it for a limited number for New Year holidays.
・A fixture: 2023 September 16, 17 and 23, New Year holidays
※As the date may be changed by the situation, thank you for your understanding.
・Business hours: Shop 20:00 in 17:30-21:00 <last containing> 
・A venue: The main tower 2F Ballroom "sea sky"

※As the restaurant may be crowded, please make a reservation beforehand. (the unnecessary that Aya breakfast and terasukafeoge make a reservation)
※All the photographs are images. 

  Room service (during a stop) 


Breakfast takeout

On the day when a breakfast buffet is held, takeout does breakfast and is eatable in a room. 
In the takeout is careful 
Please fill the exclusive container with favorite dishes. (once limit) taking it to eating and drinking, the hotel outside in mine, the lobby where the done cooking has takeout in a guest room is not expected.

Kids meal passport

An object: Child (3 years old ... non-school children) of the infant of the plan with dinner and breakfast
▼The restaurant which can eat with a passport 
Please prefer it to an "Aya" "sea breeze" "family buffet" (such as the summer vacation for a limited time). 
※As cases to be crowded may not meet requirements, the restaurant, please make a reservation early. 
▼The restaurant where an additional charge incurs separately 
A "four season" "naruto"   
※The child of the plan with breakfast does not have the passport. 

It is aoao on a memorial day
One-day plan
It is the advantageous one-day plan that a natural hot spring was bundled with a lunch.
Restaurant Reservation
Restaurant reservation
※As the restaurant may be crowded, please make a reservation beforehand.

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