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Awa, Tokushima sea near the shore fishery products
Present from the rich sea 

Naruto sea bream

The schnapper which I suffered hardship in at fast Naruto Channel of the tide is the first class good. Riding of the firm body of the crunchy resistance to the teeth said to that there are some bones having "a lump" and the moderate fat gets a high evaluation to swim an intense tide of Naruto Channel to "Naruto sea bream". Particularly, the schnapper ahead of spring laying eggs is called "a spring sea bream" and I save wet fat and become still more delicious. From sashimi, foods grilled with salt, taimeshi, Japanese food such as the seafood soup seasoned with salt to Western-style dishes such as carpaccio or the poeler, I can eat by a wide recipe deliciously. 
Production center/Naruto-shi where is important for/from April to March at fishery time


South Tokushima. The natural pantry that dynamic nature full of changes brings up a great variety of ingredients. A lobster proud of above all clear popularity. Fishing is available in the middle of September and sweetness and the Ise lobster which is distinguished for the cracking down on of the body reach the golden age in October and November, and is shipped to the home Ise district. I use a reef suitable for breeding and a thing of the Anan Beach unloading with much bait ground for a limited number. Please thoroughly enjoy muscular good-quality Ise lobster skittishly at this opportunity. The nutrient which is good for Asta xanthine, chitosan, beauty and health including taurine is plentiful!
Production center/Minami-cho, Anan-shi, Mugi-cho, Kaiyo-cho where is important for/from September to November at fishery time

Pike conger

"The pike conger" that Tokushima is proud of the top-classes of the whole country with fish catches, the fishery amount of money. It is indispensable summer taste for Gion festival of Kyoto and Tenjin Festival of Osaka in fish with the deep-rooted popularity in Kansai in particular. "Thing last joke" (boil) is standard, and the beautiful snow-white body can thoroughly enjoy in particular correct refined sweetness and taste. It is said that there are time and autumn twice in the rainy season in the season of the pike conger. The pike conger ahead of the breeding season reaches the most season in June and July in August and September. The body which nourishment was careful to becomes especially delicious. It is called "an omission pike conger", and depth further increases in taste in autumn. It is the good pike conger that can enjoy it by a steamed cake and teriyaki, kabayaki and tempura, various cooking including the food served in a pot. 
Production center/Naruto-shi, Awaji-shi where is important for/from June to August at fishery time


"The abalone" which is named the treasure of the bottom of the sea. The sea area of the south of Tokushima of the prefecture is blessed with the reef-related shore and seaweed such as the abundant Eisenia bicyclis Eisenia bicyclis and is a treasure house of abalones. Resistance to the teeth and the strong sweetness that abalones brought up in the perfect environment where the inner seawater which is full of nourishment salt mixes with the Kuroshio Current with high transparency moderately are fleshy, and were crunchy besides softly are features. The abalone fishing of ... summer is harvested by "diving without diving equipment" in spring by a Seaman Recruit (knit). I circulate all after the unloading in katsu (breath) and am always shipped in a fresh state. The chefs de cuisine of each restaurant exert all their skill to and donate such an abalone direct from the field to the customer as the best cooking.
Production center/Minami-cho, Anan-shi, Mugi-cho, Kaiyo-cho where is important for/from February to September at fishery time

Rock oyster

I bring up "season" to be able to taste an intense tide only here. 2-3 times of magaki which it is a rock of Tokushima proud of one of the best amount of production or comes, and nature and both culture do it, but the size is generally good and can eat. Above all, it is nature brand iwaosu*meishioiwaosu* that becomes the representative of the summer naruto. Write time slowly and, in a special sea area such as Yoshinogawa that was chosen in 100 selections of forests of a tide and the water source of Naruto Channel, is brought up to the nature rock oyster which larger drop of, is heavier. Of the summer if reach season from June through August, and have squeeze sudachi with a plump texture with full of the milk, should be surprised at becoming conspicuous of the taste.
Production center/Naruto-shi where is important for/from June to August at fishery time

Three years tiger globefish

Winter taste king "Awajishima three years tiger globefish" gives you nature noikanagonado good-quality meal in the mineral-rich environment that the best tide in Japan produces and hangs time for three years and is cultivated slowly and carefully. Generally, the cultured globefish is shipped in the second year, but "the Awajishima three years tiger globefish" brought up for a long time for 1 more years grows up to the second-year nearly 2 times, and the milt grows big, too. The body is firm, and the taste is heavy, and it is in a taste almost same as a natural tiger puffer.
Production center/Naruto-shi, Awaji-shi where is important for/from December to February at crop time

Naruto seaweed

An intense tide to produce Naruto Whirlpools proud of world's best size. Therefore "the Naruto seaweed" which grew is the present of the rich sea. I have abundant minerals such as dietary fiber, calcium, potassium, and even as to health attracts attention. In the coast of Sea of Japan except some prefectures, the seaweed is gathered nationwide, but the third place national as for the amount of production of Tokushima. "The Naruto seaweed" of good quality gets a high evaluation around Kansai market. It is characterized by the good resistance to the teeth and flavor that it was said that it is chewy. I squeeze sudachi and drip soy sauce one and am how to eat buds that a taste is felt most.
Production center Naruto-shi, Komatsushima-shi main at crop time for/from February to March

Oval squid

The oval squid of Tokushima is full of meatiness and it is translucent and because it is delicious, I am popular and am called the King of the cuttlefish beautifully. As a delicious reason, comfortable growth environment includes that there is it to bait such as fish and prawns based on the nourishment which is rich in the Seto Inland Sea. In addition, because is fished in pole-and-line fishing and the small fixed shore net for exclusive use of the oval squid, with other fish rub, and, no, there is little stress go, and it raises taste still more to be landed in a good state. Furthermore, it is one of the big characteristics that "the freshness and vitality are high as for most oval squids to be in the state of the live fish with a fishing boat and a land water tank from unloading to just before the shipment", and therefore I am traded at the best price in the cuttlefish of Tokushima, and the volume of shipment is the whole country top-class.
Production center/Mugi-cho, Minami-cho, Kaiyo-cho, Anan-shi where is important for/from October to January at crop time

Tokushima brand meat 
The best fleshy substance that was brought up at ease
In Tokushima, dairy farming, a cow, hog raising for the meat, the stock-raising industry of the poultry farming are prosperous. Other than "Awa tail chicken" of the best shipment number of birds in Japan of the regional chicken, the brands such as "Awa beauty pig" are famous "Awa cow". Not only I am just used, but also handle it variously, and the produced livestock products are processed and color a dining table.

Awa cow

It is a brand cow of the iku terata Japanese black beef in "Tokushima" full of nature. About 1,600 are shipped to being called "Awa cow" in a black-haired Japanese cow brought up under warm climate and rich nature in cows for the meat that the lineage that fleshy substance classes are 4 or more is clear every year. I temperature-control it for the prominent fatting technology of the cow producer for the meat of Tokushima and the summertime and a climate of the winter in total and, by an upbringing method not to give a cow stress, I load it with love and am brought up. It features dark taste to get wide in a hue of the fat and the melting marbled softness, mouth.
Production center/Awa-shi, Ishii-cho, Komatsushima-shi where is important

Awa tail chicken

The brand chicken which taste - Tokushima with full of ... taste that wants to dance is proud of. "The Awa tail chicken" of the amount of production whole country first place is the high quality regional chicken which crossed a white Plymouth Rock class to a gamefowl of the red bamboo grass system which has been raised for a long time in Tokushima. I hang 80 days or more and, in West Tokushima and southern naturally comfortable environment, am brought up healthfully at ease. In reddish flesh color of the resistance to the teeth that there is little fat, and is moderate, sweetness and a full-bodied taste are features.
Production center/Mima-shi, Kaiyo-cho, Anan-shi where is important

Awa beauty pig (awabiton)

The farm of ... taste - Awa beautiful pig that becomes nature and the smile when I stuff my mouth is located in the Yoshinogawa northern coast of Middle Tokushima Awa-shi and is in the halfway up a mountain of Asan Mountains lying with Tokushima in both Kagawa, a mountain of 450 meters above sea level. I lavish great care in the environment that is full of the clean atmosphere and green and am brought up. It is the Yongenton pork which assumed a middle Yorkshire the basis, and the pig produced in the course of the development is referred to Awa beauty pig basically. A farm, a kind, feed, feelings and the thought of the producer to hygiene management are jam-packed. As a characteristic of the fleshy substance, sashi enters the red meat moderately and it seems to melt if I eat an exquisite texture of the resistance to the teeth that I did well though it is soft and is juicy. A face melts by all means earlier than the word to be delicious. You can enjoy delicacy depth of such a meat.
Production center/Awa-shi, Ishii-cho where is important

Awa ground Mie (awajibie)

I name “ Awa place Mie (awajibie) “ with a feeling, "an area wants you to prosper beautifully" to effectively utilize the birds and beasts which I captured in blessing ... Tokushima of the village forest full of ... rural beauty, and to connect it with local activation and work on the spread and the consumption expansion of gibier dishes. I meet "guidelines" that the prefecture set, and "Awa place Mie" that can taste few natural taste to the "ingredients which rich nature of Tokushima brought up" raised thing luxuriously is processed safely to have eat in peace. Iron content-rich Awa ground Mie is paid attention to as health foods such as the diet high protein, low calorie.
Production center/Awa-shi, Miyoshi-shi, Mima-shi where is important

Awa, Tokushima fresh vegetables  
Blessing of the earth which abundant nature brings 
The rich soil which Shikoku's greatest river Yoshinogawa brought. The fertile alluvial fan that much Tanikawa who drifted from the valley created. Tokushima makes use of the topography or climatic condition full of changes well, and a great variety of farm products are produced with high quality throughout the year. I supply by health, security and the fresh ingredients which coped with consumers needs stably around the Kyoto-Osaka-Kobe area.


It is a special product doing the prefecture which 98% of harvests in Japan are Tokushima, and is produced in incense acid citrus fruit coming to seasoning - Awa of ... highest grade with a representative. It may be said that the refreshing acidity to feel to a unique fragrance and tongue is taste of Awa arousing homesickness. I squeeze it and am good! I rub it and am good! Please enjoy sashimi, salad, miso soup, tempura, udon and suitsu in conformity to various dishes and drinks to beer to shochu, a highball again. I have abundant citric acid, vitamin C, and it is effective in relieving fatigue and skin care, and the rich fragrance ingredient is greatly useful for electroencephalographic decrease in anxiety and irritation stress-relieving.
Production center/Tokushima-shi, Katsuura-cho, Kamikatsu-cho, Kamiyama-cho, Sanagochi-son where is important for/from March to September at crop time

When become; a bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans

Top brand ... of ... sweet potato
Steam it; and excellent; do it, and bake it; and excellent; do it, and use it for the material of dishes, and is good. The sweetness that I cannot imitate in other production centers and hokkoritoshita texture. The best masterpiece and call are high in a sweet potato cultivated much in the whole country; when "it is, is a bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans". Naruto-shi Ogejima (ogejima) where a hotel is located as for "the bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans when it becomes" is said to be origin. It is a secret of the taste that is brought up in the sandy area that fully included the mineral of the sea. It features the golden Naruto bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans that the appearance is bright that a texture and the sugar content that it was said that it is not soggy like a chestnut are high. I am known as the ingredients which vitamin C and vitamin B1, dietary fiber have abundant nationwide and am said to be the food which is most suitable for beauty and health.
Production center/Naruto-shi, Tokushima-shi, Matsushige-cho where is important for/from September to November at crop time

Strawberry tomato

The brand tomato called "a strawberry tomato" made at limited farmhouse "Ono farm" of exquisite tomato - Tokushima of ... Tokushima. Sugar content 8 degrees (a strawberry and the same class) or more sweet petit tomatoes. Existence as I appear in the market for 12-5 these past months, and the direct marketing city can sometimes stand in line. It is easy to eat with a thin skin so that it is eaten to a person weak in acidity peculiar to a tomato and is delicious at all with refined sweetness.
Production center/Awa-shi where is important for/from December to June at crop time

Naruto lotus root

On the fertile earth which was dripped by the flooding of the river soon in the river mouth of the Kyu-Yoshino River of expert technique - Naruto-shi to dig it, and to take by ... manual labor, lotus root cultivation is an area prosperous at all. As the soil of Naruto has high quality of clay in particular; by the water pressure such as other production centers dig it up with a hoe one by one, and harvest lotus roots without being able to harvest it. The lotus root cultivated in the soil of the strong pressure is very high in density, and a unique fragrance and color are white, and a good point of the texture that it was said that I am overjoyed briskly is a feature. Get high popularity as high-quality ingredients in Kansai and the metropolitan area let alone a hometown, the harvest of the lotus root of Tokushima is the second place nationwide. In Osaka Central Wholesale Market, I am proud of the overwhelming share of about 90%. I have abundant vitamin C in a light-colored vegetable. In addition, a lot of dietary fiber is included, too and smoothens the function of bowels. In addition, prevention of aging, the hemostasis effect are a certain nourishment vegetable, too. It is one article that I want to take positively on not only the flavor but also the health side.
Production center/Naruto-shi, Matsushige-cho, Tokushima-shi where is important for/from June to July at crop time

The space height from Tokushima

... sweetness and new kind of Tokushima that was born in taste - 2016 to overflow so as to chew. People were satisfied with charm of "the space height" in autumn of the harvesttime and they prayed for being loved for a longer time, and prospering and were named. It is genealogical cross-fertilization of "Vietnam 173" of genealogical "Awaminori" and Koshihikari of Kinuhikari. "Kinuhikari" and "Ikuhikari" are main of the cultivation, but, in Tokushima, can harvest it before the cultivation of vegetables in spring in winter; "open; let enlarge a cultivation area as an encouragement kind of the prefecture at the height". There is the tenacity that it was said that it is sticky that inherited a Koshihikari characteristic and features sweetness and taste, light taste to overflow so as to bite it if I chew it.
Production center/Tokushima-shi, Myozai-gun, Itano-gun where is important in/September at crop time

Aizumi carrot

A big river, the Yoshino River which drifts to ... fertile earth and blessing of the rich water and crystal - Shikoku Tokushima of the love of the farmhouse. Aizumi-cho blessed with the fertile earth and rich water in the downstream is the best among the amount of production whole country of "the spring carrot". I protect the traditional cultivation technology that carrot farmers of Aizumi-cho make love and inherited and am made heartily. The one which the carrot is sweet in spring, and is juicy softly from Tokushima features it. Please appreciate the special sweetness of the Aizumi carrot which grew in rich climate and climate of Tokushima at ease by all means.
Production center/Aizumi-cho, Itano-cho, Yoshinogawa-shi where is important for/from March to June at crop time

Ogejima Japanese radish

The Japanese radish of delicious high-quality Japanese radish - Naruto product that ... mineral-rich sandy area produced is cultivated from October through February in the mineral of the blessing of the sea-rich the sandy area. It is juicy and is fresh and young, and the feature is that the body is firm well and is hard to fall apart. A retainer is severe in the upper part of the root moderately indulgently. It is a delicious high-quality blue neck Japanese radish. The leaf is available to all where the part which vitamin B1, vitamin C, a lot of calcium throw away grieves at, too.
Production center/Naruto-shi where is important for/from November to March at crop time

Ogejima pickled shallot

The pickled shallot field where ... flower blooms brings up "the Ogejima pickled shallot" which a local white sandy area of pastime that gives poetic charm - Ogejima of the island is pure white, and is delicious. A color is white, and the position is jam-packed and "the pickled shallot" having a good reputation smoothens circulation of the blood and is known to the resistance to the teeth that felt good because there is work to warm up a body. In late fall (November), the pickled shallot field becomes "the purple carpet". In Ogejima, "the flower festival of the Naruto pickled shallot" is held at this time, and it is the natural scene or object which adds poetic charm to the season of the island.
Production center/Naruto-shi where is important for/from May to June at crop time
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