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Cookie (cookie) policy

Cookie (cookie) policy

I use Cookie (cookie) to offer good service by user in our Hotel site.
I explain the use purpose and usage of Cookie in our Hotel site.

With Cookie (cookie)

Cookie (cookie) is the file which is stored in a computer and a mobile device when user read each Web site.
I use Cookie by to grasp needs and the access situation of user in our Hotel site, make use for the improvement of contents and the service.
The reading movement that user hopes for may not function normally when I refuse this Cookie.

The use of Cookie

I use a technique such as "Cookie" to acquire access information of user in the Web site of our hotel. Each information that I acquired by these cannot identify an individual.

Case not to accept Cookie (does not agree refusal/)

When I do setting not to accept Cookie in the browser of the errand, a part of the function offering in a Web site may not be available.

About use of Cookie

In our Hotel site, I use Cookie for the purpose of following mainly.
  • For the indication of the Web site suitable for user, improvement in service
  • To manage the data which user was input into temporarily
  • For the reading situation of user and statistical analysis, investigation
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