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Facilities map

▼Three-dimensional floor map

The catwalk to tie a main tower and south tower to is in 1F and two places of the top floor.

▼A main tower:
The front desk (1F), hot spring (1F, 8F), shop (1F), restaurant (1F, 2F, 8F), cafe (1F), banquet room (1F, 2F, 8F), guest room (3F - 7F)
▼A south tower:
Country (1F), guest room (2F - 9F) of Awa

Request at the time of the use of facilities

  • The hall private business slippers are not available in the beach area. In addition, please refrain from the use in the sea bathing area in yukata, jinhei for the rental.
  • In the case of use of hotel facilities, I have you refrain from the exposure of all tattoos including the fashion tattoo of the one point.
    You wear a jacket, rush guard, and please use facilities.
  • The smoking in a hotel and the beach, please use an appointed smoking place.
  • Please refrain from the entrance in the hall with the swimsuit.
    In the case of entering a building, I have you wipe off sand and water in a hall from the beach, and I would like the wearing such as a jacket, the shirt.
  • I would like the wearing of a diaper and the swimsuit for the swimming on the pool use of the infant.

 I would appreciate your understanding of the customer and cooperation.

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Introduction of the aoaonarutorizoto

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