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\ uzuno good luck gourmet/birth!

There is season anytime 365 days!

A whirling current of Naruto Channel produces it
The place where "seafood, the good luck of the whirlpool" are delicious
"A good luck gourmet of the whirlpool" of the aoao pride
It is Japanese banquet dishes, French, three articles of the cafe menu

[eat-in] \ uzuno good luck gourmet/lunch

Naruto, Minami-Awaji Channel uzuno good luck plate
2,800 yen
The lunch plate which is full of Aya which was fully clogged up with local love. How about the pretty, luxurious lunch which "supposes!", and covers all no hometown fishery products and Awa ingredients every season?

●Chirashi-sushi …I left the nest and inlaid the vinegared sushi rice of the refreshing flavor using the vinegar with Naruto sea bream and sudachi yellowtails. Ingredients are clogged up than a gorgeous appearance well and eat and meet it, and there is it!
●Gratin of the Awa tail chicken …The creamy gratin which regional chicken "Awa tail chicken" and vegetables of Tokushima entered rumblingly. Taste delicious regional chicken so as to chew.
●Soup of Awa vegetables …Every week in rotation to potage and consomme.
●Salad of Awa vegetables …Tokushima is a treasure house of vegetables. Of course the dressing chooses a local product, too!
●Naruto bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans and muffin of the sudachi …The muffin that sudachi is fragrant to sweet Naruto bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans slightly. Is sweet-sour; leave the nest, and is with marmalade.

■Offer place/terasukafeoge
※Ten meals-limited a day, lunch-limited (11:00-15:00)

What is the good luck gourmet of the whirlpool?

Delicious seafood and vegetables are harvested 365 days by the power of the whirling current, and Naruto-shi and Minami-Awaji-shi across the whirling current of Naruto Channel are places to be able to taste. The cook of two 25 stores which wanted to enliven sightseeing area, whirling current area through the meal devised it using special product ingredients more than three kinds of seasonal fresh fishery products, and putting all the skill, and finish, 30 new menus were developed to delicious local dishes.
[Naruto, paths of Nandan area are delicious! Reason]
 In Naruto Channel, various fishery products, various brands are harvested including the sea bream which, as you know, suffers hardship in the whirling current, and grows 365 days. The nature fish which is landed 100 kinds or more. A mineral is plentiful and nourishment goes and, by an ocean current having abundant plankton, lasts for a fish, and the body is tightened and brings about sweetness and taste and I am plump and bring up fishery products and big seaweed of the crunchy resistance to the teeth preeminence which got fat. For example, it is Naruto sea bream. The sea bream suffering hardship in the torrent of Naruto is fractured, but as muscle is reinforced there more, it is said to be "bone fracture sea bream", and the body actually says angrily. 
In addition, the around Naruto Channel area is famous because there are few climate and precipitation warm throughout the year. Because the soil has good drainage, and the breathability is good, delicious vegetables and fruit grow up. In addition to this condition situated in a good location, the salt which the sea breeze carries and the mineral-rich soil of the sea bring about vegetables of the refined sweetness to do onion and Naruto bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans of Awajishima with a representative. 

The place where seafood and the good luck of the whirlpool that a whirling current of Naruto Channel produces are delicious, there is season anytime 365 days! Please enjoy the new here dishes "good luck gourmet of the whirlpool".

※The dishes content varies according to seasons.
※The photograph is an image.
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