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French food four season

It is a source of dishes and the magic of the country of Awa that colors a dish
In the main dining in the top floor, I can enjoy an especially elegant meal.
To the dishes which are the best by the magic of the chef seafood produced in the sea near the shore, colorful Awa vegetables, ingredients of the ground.
Business hours
17:30-21:30 [entering a shop last at 20:00]


Restaurant News

One dish of the season

Caesar salad using seasonal Awa vegetables
※I make it in front
Ogejima garlic, the regional chicken egg "bubble breeding", it is mixture on Awa vegetables and the crunchy Lome in lettuce that I mix a source in olive oil, anchovy from Shodoshima, white wine vinegar, parmesan cheese and am in season. Have original Caesar salad only for here to make by wagon service in front.
1,800 yen

Mana bonito poeler white wine source from Tokushima
Daily marinade did a harvest fish from Tokushima with a potherb, and the lenticel finished the inside plumply lightly. Please have it with a white wine source.
※The mana bonito is 80 g
3,300 yen

※I am going to sell it from Friday, July 12, 2024

vapuruoisuta-flavored bulldog noisette of the abalone (50 g)
Please enjoy the heavy, mellow taste that increased the texture of the abalone which it was sultry slowly and carefully and a rich flavor of the butter. 
3,200 yen

※I am going to sell it from Friday, July 12, 2024

Direction cafe Deer bulldog of the flame

Another name "coffee of the devil" to make using an orange and orange liqueur espresso coffee in front

1450 yen per person
※It becomes the use from two people.

Recommended DRINK

[pairing wine set]
It is the sparkling wine that you can enjoy course cooking with French banquet dishes to a customer of the use, a pairing wine set of the steal wine. 
4,000 yen of 2,800 yen 3 Glass/ one of 2 Glass/ one  

Please thoroughly enjoy mariaju to enjoy dishes and wine more deliciously.
Fried prawn and Kahn Burk steak 2,200 yen
Fried prawn and beefsteak 3,000 yen

※The rate includes tax, a service charge.
※/resort casual clothes which a dress code is
[) but possible (that please refrain from yukata, work clothes (hall everyday clothes), the entering a shop with guest room slippers as for the color yukatas such as the market place pay rental]
※The restaurant, please make a reservation beforehand.
・Web reservation (24 hours possibility)…Please advance from a "restaurant reservation" of the upper this page button to the reservation page
※The photograph is an image.
※Please refrain from the electronic flash shooting in other customers coming to trouble you.
※Contents may be changed.
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