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Beverage Selection
To have more fully enjoy the cooking using seasonal ingredients; ...
Please experience mariaju of the unexpected impression to attract you including local brew and the wine.

※The following is a menu of from June 1, 2024 to August 31.
※Contents may be changed.

French food four season

Recommended glass of wine and dinner dishes pairing

White ... of Koshu - Japan

Kind Koshu
Grape kind "Koshu" that Japan registered with OIV (international grape wine mechanism) in 2010 is proud of. A fresh fragrance to let you feel citrus fruit to be and the brewing sake from the finest rice incense are felt. I perform the surreal Lee manufacturing method that let you mature with a cage, and a dim bubble enhances a fresh feeling.
Glass 1,350 yen Bottle 5,800 yen
Recommended pairing
Tartar gazpacho source of the Naruto sea bream
In the taste that and was accompanied by taste refreshing in the gazpacho source which let a tomato and garlic work using local Naruto sea bream.
The refined acidity to have of Koshu harmonizes with taste of the material and the balance with the source exquisitely.

/Piedmont, Italy
mosukato dasuti

[D.O.C.G AS'TY INC.] Kind mosukatobianko
White wine of the slight fizz made from a muscat grape. Natural sweetness is a comfortable fruity flavor, and the alcoholicity is light with 5%, too. I can enjoy the pairing that is most suitable for a hors d'oeuvre and a light meal, dessert after a meal.
[sweet white sparkling/]
 Glass\1,480 Bottle 7,800 yen
Recommended pairing
Combination with the sorbet of the mousse of the light coconut and the exotic jelly cocktail ollamh
On the coconut which produced a fried color, I attached rum and sorbet of the refined sweetness using the lime. The taste that the sweet-sour source of a mango and the passion fruit is tropical, and is heavy.
mosukato dasuti of the slight foaming does heavy taste of the dessert refreshingly, and the affinity with marinated fruit is outstanding, too. It is besutomariaju provoking next mouthful.

Pairing wine set
The sparkling wine that you can enjoy course cooking with French banquet dishes to a customer of the use, a pairing wine set of the steal wine are recommendation.
2,800 yen of 2 Glass/ one
4,000 yen of 3 Glass/ one

Naruto sea foods Naruto

Recommended local brew and dinner dishes pairing

Naruto Thailand pure Yonehara liquor to U.S. aoaoorijinaruraberu 
/Tokushima, Matsuura brewing 

[shinkuchi**]  Domestic U.S. rice cleaning rate 65% sake degree +1.3
In the purity that won a platinum prize in French held Kura Master2019 pure mijiu section liquor "water to rice" (when see it, be crowded) only for water and rice. Is refreshing; include it, and moderate acid is combined with incense; and taste such as the white wine. There is the taste that I did slightly in the aftertaste. Have the water to rice which I cooled with a wineglass to have you enjoy a fragrance more.
・1 go 1,500 yen 
・Bottle 720㎖\5,600
Recommended pairing
*shimozori of the pike conger from Tokushima
The pike conger of the texture that refined sweetness of the fat and leather thick taste, Jolo retohodokeru are delicate. Lasting soft, gentle acid of the water to rice and the mild taste of the aftertaste harmonize with the taste of the pike conger. Please enjoy mariaju to feel a season.

Naruto sea bream brewing sake from the finest rice fresh straight home brew
/Tokushima, Matsuura brewing

[mellow hot] 58% of domestic U.S. rice cleaning rates / Sake degree +5.0 acidity 1.2
The unique liquor which was packaged in canned aluminum in a concept that I squeezed it and could taste length anytime of the brewing sake from the finest rice. The fragrance is gorgeous indulgently, and it is characterized by the youthfulness that gas splits open skittishly. It is brewing sake from the finest rice straight home brew worth and acidity keeps strong drinking.
・1 go 1,500 yen
・Bottle 720 ml 5,500 yen
Recommended pairing
zori of the Japanese tiger prawn from Tokushima
The fresh Japanese tiger prawn from a hometown is zori by all means. The fresh acid which raw sake has enhances the sweetness of the prawn, and a gorgeous fragrance spreads after having swallowed it and gives you depth and a lingering sound to taste it. The pairing that is good to tasting summer.

Awa rainwater purely U.S. brewing sake from the finest rice
/Tokushima, Nissin Syurui 

[**kankuchi] Awa Yamada Nishiki rice cleaning rate 55% sake degree -4.0 acidity 1.4
"The purely U.S. brewing sake from the finest rice Awa rainwater" which an expert engineer brewed to get absorbed in Awa Folk Dance. Taste with the swelling, easy sweetness, refreshing acidity match it moderately, balance is exquisiteness. It is easy to drink lightly and is local brew of the brewing sake from the finest rice incense which is fruity at good quality.
・1 go 1,500 yen
・ Bottle 720㎖\5,600
Recommended pairing
Green onion grilled with salt of the Awa tail chicken
It is the greatest snacks which I cover the good-quality thigh of the regional chicken "Awa tail chicken" which Tokushima is proud of with low dining table miso of here and bake it slowly and carefully and attached the sandbar in the offing leek which I tossed with sesame and sesame oil to. In harmony with sweetness of the refined fat of the thigh and the sweetness that the Awa rainwater is mellow as for the nice smell of the leek, it becomes best mariaju. The taste that wants to dance! Please appreciate it.

Awa local brew pairing set
I will provide a pairing set of the local brew of Awa where you can enjoy a simple meal served for a drinking party with banquet dishes to a customer of the use with a wineglass. It is a lineup with the sake which I won at "Awa 100%" of the pure mijiu which I made in water, the United States, a local sake brewery in Tokushima and a global competitive show.
Please thoroughly enjoy mariaju which both the dishes and the liquor taste more deliciously.
1,600 yen of 2 Glass (each 90㎖)/one
2,300 yen of 3 Glass (each 90㎖)/one

Char-grilling sea breeze

Recommended drink and dinner dishes pairing

United States California
kanivokarubene so vinyon
/Suntory, E.&J. Gallo winery 

[AVA California] Kind Cal bene so vinyon and others
There is the fruit taste of the ripe grape such as espresso and the dark chocolate and, from taste feeling toromio, can enjoy moderate Tannin and a lingering sound of the acidity for a long time pleasantly. Meat dishes and the phase characteristics such as roasted meat, a steak, the grill are good and are made, and tastes increase still more when I eat meat with a smooth lingering sound.
[red/full body]
Glass\1,300 Bottle\6,000
Recommended pairing
Charcoal grilled Tokushima brand meat "Awa cow" fillet peach roast
A cow for the meat that lineage with fleshy substance class 4 or more is clear in being called "Awa cow." It features dark taste to get wide in a hue of the fat and the melting marbled softness, mouth.
The pairing that lets you feel pleasure to chew meat. It is simple, and powerful Tannin of kanivo and mellow acid draw taste of the beef which I seasoned.

Japan, Tokushima
Oh, it dies out, and a yell premium is rich 
/fault dies out; a brewery 

The JAPAN craft beer which was created through country, Tokushima of the AWA. I develop original brewing. I use malt and the hop which selected carefully luxuriously. The JAPAN craft beer which I left the nest and added taste and body to with sake lees of the pure rice University brewing sake from the finest rice of the company group production in eloquence in a rind of a fruit of local Tokushima. Mellow flavor and a rich taste of the deep body.
Recommended pairing
Charcoal grilled Tokushima brand meat "Awa beauty pig" ribs, roast
A texture exquisite the softness that redness contains sashi as for "the Awa beauty pig" moderately, and is juicy and reliable resistance to the teeth. Taste spreads to melt if I eat it. It is particular it is said that it is no good, and it is fragrant, and to bake the grease by a charcoal fire deliciously. No already saying anything if burning hot char-grilled, mellow craft beer is same!

Freeze! Fresh sour
Put frozen seasonal fruit and citrus fruit fruit in the whole glass; and in elation! Please enjoy it by highball, Chuhai, how to drink of three kinds of squash!
Please choose it among sudachi/lemon/lime.
◆Highball 1,100 yen (refill 730 yen)
◆Chuhai 1,100 yen (refill 730 yen)
◆Squash 850 yen (refill 500 yen)

Awa regional cuisine Aya

Drink (one piece of article)

Drink station
All kind 2,300 yen of alcohol + non-alcohol drink
Only as for the non-alcoholic drink, it is ¥980
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