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Char-grilling sea breeze

It is simple and eats seasonal taste selected carefully by char-grilling
The stylish restaurant of the poolside.
Awa tail chicken and Awa cow, the Awayama seafood including the Naruto sea bream enliven night of Naruto.

Business hours
Dinner 17:30-21:30 [entering a shop last at 20:00] 
※As the restaurant may be crowded, please make a reservation beforehand.

[news] Guidance of the business day
・Please confirm business (no fixed holiday) by the operation situation, the calendar of the restaurant reservation for from June, 2024 to July 18
・I do business every day for from July 19 to August 31 [summer vacation period]
・I do business on water - Sunday from September 1 (the moon fire fixed closing day)
 ※But I will open on September 16, 2024, December 16, 17, 23 and 24, 30th, 31st


Kids menu

Child set menu 1,850 yen

Seasonal recommended dishes

Seafood bowl of the fresh season fish
The white meal of "the meal" in the course is upgraded by "a fresh season fish seafood bowl" 
1,000 yen of one
Today's fresh fish of the fish general
You can eat the fresh fresh fish from a fish general of aoaobichirando in sashimi and ceramic ware, a deep-fried food.
1,000 yen - 2,000 yen of one

Recommended drink

・Freeze! Fruit & citrus splashing
Put citrus fruit fruit in the whole glass; and in elation! Please enjoy it by highball, Chuhai, squash, three kinds of how to drink!
Citrus fruit freeze fruit ... lemon/lime
Highball 1,100 yen (refill 730 yen)
Chuhai 1,100 yen (refill 730 yen)
Squash 850 yen (refill 500 yen))

・Fall by Awa 100% defeat, and drink it a little a lot; local brew
I will sell Awa 100% in 100㎖. You can enjoy the discerning taste that each sake brewery using "LED dream yeast" characterized by the fruity taste has at small sake cup size.
※I provide it with "mokkiri" style (style to pour sake of a lot of glasses into a measure, and to drink)
◆Naruto sea bream purely U.S. brewing sake from the finest rice 650 yen
Sake degree +3 (100% of Naruto-shi Matsuura brewing Yamada Nishiki)
A gorgeous fragrance and rich acidity to hark back to white wine are quality of liquor which a woman and sake are easy to drink in the first let alone the sake enthusiast.
Purely U.S. quality sake brewed from the finest rice palace cherry blossoms 700 yen
Sake degree +3 (100% of Tokushima-shi Saito brewing Yamada Nishiki)
It is the purely U.S. quality sake brewed from the finest rice which I taught you with the underflow water of quantity of water, the quality of the water sweetfish bite River superior together and brewing rice of blue country, Shikoku. Quality of liquor that the aftertaste was refreshing in spite of being a gorgeous fragrance and mellow taste.
◆sanhokiku*betsujumbeikoharu 700 yen
Sake degree +3 (sankoshisanhokikushuzosandennishiki 100%)
Good pure mijiu of the balance that acidity and sweetness, a fruity fragrance spread through

※The rate includes tax, a service charge.
※The restaurant, please make a reservation beforehand.
 ・Web reservation (24 hours possibility)…Please advance from a "restaurant reservation" of the upper this page button to the reservation page
※The photograph is an image.
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