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Proposal plan "Marry Me"

I make arrangements beforehand and will help with the proposal of the impression. I prepare the direction that you were devised and the surprise option. Please feel free to contact me. (please make a reservation up to five days before)

Proposal plan "Marry Me"

An experienced wedding coordinator helps with the happiness. To a chapel nestling after dinner in the garden in a French food four season. When open stained glass in front quietly; the scene of the impression is ...

DINNER PLAN - dinner plan - 
June 1, 2024 ...
One set-limited two people 42,000 yen (it includes a tax, a service charge) a day
[included thing] It is + diamond Rose BOX for two chapel reservations + French courses
... flow (an example) ...
①It is dinner in a four season 
If a meal is over, I propose in a chapel

Diamond Rose BOX
The present which is a surprise for an once-in-a-lifetime special proposal

By LUNCH DATE - lunch date proposal plan - 
January 28, 2023 ... [Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays limitation]
One set-limited two people 30,000 yen (it includes a tax, a service charge) a day
[included thing] French buffet (lunch) + decorations price (Benz trunk) in the four season + produce charges
... flow (example) ...
①A lunch dates in a four season (I will prepare a seat with an ocean view)
②Get in stopped Benz at the front entrance; to a drive
③I go round the superb views of Setonaikai National Park full of nature of the sea and the mountain. To Naruto skyline "every direction I see it observation deck"
④The small space that was decorated by she preference when there were two people and got off a car and opened the trunk of Benz. Midmost the bouquet of 108 roses (option)!
⑤In Nature, I propose
⑥To one piece of the important memory once-in-a-lifetime as for the souvenir picture which I took backed by the sea!
[proposal place ※ one way less than 30 minutes]
・Look at every direction; observation deck, our sea park, shore, Onaruto Bridge

OPTION proposal plan option

・Bouquet 5,500 yen ...
The message which was put to the number of roses
I introduce the number of roses to recommend in the case of a proposal with flower language. Please choose him with direction and the thought only by the proposal once in the life.
"You are the only one" one ...
"Please become my wife" 12 ...
"Please marry me" 108 ...
The message which was put in the color of the rose
・Red ... "love" "loving you" "beauty" "passion"
・Pinkness ... "graceful" "top product" "pretty person"
・Appropriate for white ... "purity" "you as for me" "purity" "is pure and innocent"
・Blue ... "miracle" that "a dream comes true" "blessing of God"
・Rainbow ... "infinite possibility"

・Ring 2,200 yen ... of the flower
The ring of the flower which I made with small preserved no rose. In the case of a proposal, it is spotted cavy with a case! To a ring finger to wear a ring on! If the flow is a woman, everybody should be impressed of this!

・Proposal DVD 55,000 yen
I install a camera in a chapel and photograph the scene of the proposal

・Documentary DVD 88,000 yen
The scene and the do state of preparations from the day that came to make arrangements to the day of the proposal on DVD

・Tuxedo (rental) 55,000 yen
He in a tuxedo proposes with a bouquet! A seriousness degree and good faith should be handed down to her who is particular about an appearance with the first impression!

[staying & room service]

Staying in the suite 
Two 66,000 yen ... (overnight with breakfast) 
With glass champagne for suite privilege ... toast 

※A rate varies according to time. Please refer for the details.

・The decorations of the room 
5,500 yen ...  
While decorations two people have a meal using a balloon and a petal in a room, I decorate a room. It is ... in the feeling that the second surprise is happier in her when a proposal is over and comes back to the room

・Sparkling wine & champagne
I will prepare in the room after the proposal. 
◇AS'TY INC. supumante (sweet) full Bottle 5,200 yen  
kyube royal Clement de Bordeaux (hot) full Bottle 6,500 yen   
moeeshandomburyuttoamperiaru full Bottle 13,400 yen

Hotel maid order cake (4) 3,500 yen ...

Popular option

108 bouquets of the red rose
Ring of the flower
Staying in suite
※Please make a reservation within five days before the use
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