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Cafe to look at the sea, and to enjoy in oneself-style leisurely
Please spend an afternoon tea and sweets, the night when are good to the resort in rather light dinner, oneself-style in a romantic shop turned on of in a candle.
Business hours
◆Business hours vary according to the dates. In addition, by the future situation, I may change it without a notice. Thank you for your understanding.
[the last entering a shop time varies according to the dates, too]

drink 10:00-22:00
sweets 10:00-21:30
food [lunch] 11:00-15:00, [dinner] 17:00-21:00
snack 21:00-22:00 

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Food menu [PDF] 
Sweets & drink menu [PDF]

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Recommended Menu
Recommended menu

Naruto bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans tart
The simple, simple tart which baked Naruto bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans potato to a base.
It is tart continuing for about 20 years when I finished it in an original recipe to draw taste having a gentle Naruto Kintoki Sakata and a mellow texture, sweetness of nature.
"Even the sweets ranking of the recommended hotel" of "Nikkei +1" is an introduced gem.
A rate: 550 yen
Time: 10:00 ...
※It becomes the end as soon as it is sold out.

Good luck, Naruto sea bream cutlet burger of the whirlpool
The unique original double fish burger which sandwiched the paste gem of the fish of the Naruto Channel sea near the shore between crunchy Naruto sea bream cutlets. I use Ogejima pickled shallot and Naruto seaweed for specially made tartar sauce. It is a blessing crowded local burger of Naruto. A sausage and with onion fried food.
[ten daily limitation]
A rate: 2,100 yen

Naruto sea bream cutlet curry
Local cutlet curry only in Naruto! The Naruto sea bream cutlet is the effect of the highest grade in fried white-fleshed fish. Taste and the nice smell of the sea bream cutlet match it with spicy curry.
A rate: 1,850 yen

Salt raa noodles of the sea bream
Ramen with Naruto Sea Bream Bone Based Soup
It is thin noodles of the popular ramen restaurant "urameimonhonten of the temple" of Tokushima supervision and the discerning full-bodied salt soup which I pulled, ramen characterized by the crispy sea bream skin of. After having eaten noodles, I put soup on a taimeshi rice ball, and a risotto is it-style. You put blue paste and the cheese of the topping, and please have it.

[ten meals-limited a day]
A rate: 1,950 yen
Time: 11:00 ...
Well-known store "ura of the temple" of Naruto
Popular ramen shop "ura of the temple" of Tokushima who is opened in 2011, and develops 6 stores around Naruto-shi. Fishery products system soup and the thin noodles that the taste of the sea bream was concentrated tightly are exquisite tastes and call for reputation and there is a long line in around noon and can finish selling immediately. The salt raa noodles of the sea bream of "ura of the temple" become the specialty of whirlpool to the people in the know.

Naruto bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans parfait 1,200 yen
Naruto bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans smoothie 900 yen

※As I cook seasonal foods, dishes contents may change to some extent by a season.
※The rate includes tax, a service charge.
※The photograph is an image.
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