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The moon (Naruto-shi, Tokushima) to see from Naruto Park was authorized on "100 Japanese moon"!


terasukafeoge viewing the moon event

Moon Light Night

Small cocktail time to color the night when a full moon rises elegantly. 
Please enjoy it with a canape of the chef specialite de la maison and various drinks.
Month and Naruto moon road judging from aoao
◇The date: It is 5 every night from 2 days before the time
 [June, 2024] 6/20-6/24 (in 6/22 full moon)
 [July, 2024] 7/19-7/23 (in 7/21 full moon)
 [August, 2024] 8/18-8/22 (in 8/20 full moon)
 [September, 2024] 9/16-9/20 (in 9/18 full moon)
◇Time: 20:00-21:30 
◇A place: terasukafeoge

※Business hours may be changed.

Cafe Music Night recital with a musical instrument live 
Time when it is special at night in a live performance of the full moon.
A period: 2024.6/21-6/23
Time: ①20:00-20:30/② 21:00-21:30
※Time may be changed.
... MENU
Canape & cocktail which I used Awa fuudoo for or drink
◇A rate: 1,500 yen
※The customer having kurabusabi can enjoy it free (once during the stay)
The canape which I used Awa fuudoo for
・Carpaccio of the Naruto sea bream
・Pate mustard sauce of the regional chicken "Awa tail chicken"
・With the roast beef Awajishima onion dressing
・Dip of cream cheese and the avocado
・Mimosa style of a broccoli and the shrimp from Tokushima
※The photograph is an image.
※I may change ingredients and contents by a season.
A cocktail "kiss in the moon" of June
Cocktail in connection with the full moon or drink
I prepare cocktail in connection with the name of the full moon of each month every month in rotation.
★The monthly moon road cocktail……June "a kiss in the moon"
From the season when a rose blooms, the full moon of June is named Rose moon. I leave the nest with three liquor of gin, vermouth, the cherry liqueur and am slightly sweet-sour with vinegar. It is the cocktail of the atmosphere that is an adult letting you yearn for the rose of the Bordeaux color.

For <+500 yen!>
★Have luxury Italian beer "peroni"
★"The sea moon"……Blue syrup and the slightly sweet cocktail which left the nest, and chopped vinegar with soda.
★"A red moon"…I take place in apple juice and image the red moon with vinegar, red syrup.
★Other soft drinks 

Naruto Moon Road Cocktails

Because how to call full moon changes monthly
I prepare cocktail in connection with the name of the full moon.
(I may change ※ menu)

◇A place: terasukafeoge
◇Time: 17:00-21:00 
◇A rate: For each 1,000 yen

January wolf moon
[origin] In cold, deep snow of the depth of winters, I hear the howling of the wolf pack which starved which could not be worthy of hunger outside the village.
A cocktail name: Snow Forest
The image appearance is cold tasodaga, gentle taste using the hot milk in the forest where the snow that the wolf lives is deep

February Snow moon
[origin] Most intense snow usually falls in February. In a part, I called the hunting the hanger moon from severe climatic condition to become difficult. 
*Hanger = starvation, starvation, hungry "                   
Cocktail name Snow moon
I image snow in bright month and Snow-style of the clear depth of winters of the air. The moon which floats in the sea with the sudachi which attached expression "                         

March worm moon
[origin] The surface of the earth which temperature rises when it is March, and froze begins to melt, and the trace which the insects (worm = worm) such as earthworms crawled on comes to be seen.
A cocktail name: SAKE primeur
March when young sake of the sake is all present is dessert cocktail using sake and the sake lees ice cream. The ice cream covers it with silver dust, a month of Naruto Channel image "

April pink moon or fish moon
[origin] A ground pink opens a pink carpet all over the field. One of the flowers that this blooms at the spring earliest time. In the coastal place, I called it Fish Moon (fish moon) because it was the time when a fish for laying eggs went up. 
A cocktail name: Pink moon

May flower moon
[origin] At this time, many flowers are in full glory in most areas.
A cocktail name: Flower moon
Gave Eddie bulldog flower in the rock which likened to the full moon, is right a flower moon. Taste "neat with gin and sudachi          

June strawberry moon or Rose moon
[origin] The harvest of strawberries is carried out in the North America at this time. Another name called the Rose moon was acquired in Europe.
A cocktail name: Rose moon
Put Rose in the rock which colored into pink with the syrup using the artubus reaching gain, Rose moon
The cocktail which I likened to this.                                                      

July sander moon
[origin] It is the time when a thunderstorm is generated most frequently in July.
A cocktail name: Sander moon
The night sea images a state becoming bright by lightning for a moment. I express a month and thunder as sudachi in a lemon beer.                 

August red moon
[origin] Because the moon might seem to have been reddish by a summer haze as the moon rose, I called it a red moon
A cocktail name: Red moon               
Leave the nest with the red wine which emphasized red; 2-layer harmony of the juice. Aftertaste light cocktail.

September corn moon
[origin] Harvest of corn is carried out, and the farmers work by this bright moonlight into the night in the peak of the crop.
A cocktail name: Corn moon           
Cocktail using the bourbon that corn is a raw material. Citrus fruit slice images the bright moon.

October harvest moon
[origin] The full moon of October is long at the full moon which is the nearest in Shubun at the time when the moon lights it up brightly
A cocktail name: Harvest moon
I liken the ice cream using the bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans potato reaching the height of time of the crop to the moon and image brightness with gold leaf. In the taste that pours Kahlua, and is heavy.

November furosutimun
[origin] It is the time when there begins to be a frost in November.
A cocktail name: furosutimun
The vodka-based cocktail that the gradation of the blue and white chose "frost" as for the vanilla ice cream "a month." Remember the night of early winter when moonlight is clear.                           

December cold moon
[origin] The cold becomes severe, and it is the longest at night, and it becomes darkest.
A cocktail name: Xmas Snow Sparkling
I add a lemon and blue syrup to a sparkling wine and I attach a round cotton candy and image winter snowy night.
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