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Hospitality guest

"Hospitality" to come true because it is a hotel wedding
Having a guest enjoy it. Having you spend time pleasantly.
"The hospitality" to the guest of two begins at the moment when one step set foot in the hotel.
By "the hospitality that a form can do simply because it is the substantial facilities as the resort hotel and the aoaonarutorizoto which has been loved for many years by all of you," please spend the time of the memory with a guest.


I present relaxation time [hot spring]

An outdoor bath (1F), a fine view bath (8F). The aoaonarutorizoto has two hot spring facilities in a hall.
The outdoor bath which can watch Naruto Channel spreading out in front. The fine view bath that lengthens a feather slowly in a hot spring (alias: hot water of the beautiful woman) while looking at the sea spreading under eyes. Is a good-quality hot spring while looking at the expression of the sea changing every moment; time of the supreme bliss.
It is great popularity for the guest who came until now from the distant place saying it "is nice to be able to take the hot spring at the hotel where I stayed at to attend a wedding ceremony".

"The hospitality" as a substitute for the present [guest room]

Bridegroom bride who thought saying "I want to value that I spent happy time with all the relatives most at the wedding ceremony." Instead of not preparing a present, a decoration cake for present for relatives after consultation beforehand, it is presented to all of you staying.
Relative all of you do a barbecue (facilities in the hotel) together and play in the private beach of the hotel and. As for a lifetime memory and a happy time to be having been spent.
Western-style room, Japanese-style room, family room, suite etc. In the aoaonarutorizoto, I prepare nine types of Western-style rooms and six types of Japanese-style rooms (tatami mat room) so that a customer can spend it relaxedly.


I have a guest choose the present at a hotel [shop of the hotel]

I suggest that I have I choose a specialty of Naruto to like in original shop market place as guests, and bridegroom bride who was hoped for saying "a present, the decoration cake for present wants you to choose the favorite thing of the guest" take it to go. It is very popular from a guest saying "I am glad as I was able to choose own favorite thing from a product only in Naruto".
The market place where specialties of Naruto including seaweed and the sudachi from a whirlpool form a line, a rental and the special products of the yukata line up, and there is the original shop where I am just looking and am fun on the first floor of the hotel.

I take a picture with yukata look with a guest [market place]

Bride who it was hoped, "I want to spend it with the friend who stayed with a yukata after the banquet", and held a wedding ceremony in summer. I had the guest who stayed choose the rental yukata of the market place, and a flower bloomed to the talkative person with yukata look, and happy time was spent.
Is a private beach at night; noisily fireworks. It is aoaonarutorizoto by the hospitality of the guest only in the resort hotel.

I eat and gather

The time when guests talk [cafe restaurant]

A friend and the relatives who meet each other after a long absence. The time when on the day the guest talks about the customer of the visit after the banquet slowly by all means on the day before.
In the terrace cafe which enjoys a tea break while looking at the sea spreading in front and Awa regional cuisine, French food, char-grilling, Japanese food, a bar, do you not taste scenery and ingredients of "Naruto" exhaustively?
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