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Banquet banquet venue
The wedding that is given sea and sky, symbol "Rose" of the love
The panoramic view that the sky and the sea spreading forever bless. For a resort feeling a wedding party.
In the aoaonarutorizoto, I prepare a banquet venue with various expressions.
To the number of image and guests of two, please choose the favorite banquet venue.
In August, 2013, banquet "Blue Rose blue Rose" for exclusive use of the wedding is born.
I show around the visit commencing with a wedding fair at any time. Please feel free to contact us.
"A royal suite" of the top floor that can overlook Naruto Channel
When open a door, and set foot, there is empty with the sea; glitter.
The relaxing resort wedding that the sound of the sea breaking on the shore and comfortable wind are felt.
It is available by the open houses with announcement after the overseas wedding and relative and close friends
Taking a seat: 10-40 people
■This venue is available by the dinner party of the meeting of the new members.

The banquet for exclusive use of the wedding that featured the theme of "love of the Blue Rose = eternity."
A ring of "the eternity." A rose of "the love." A lot of motifs expressing the future of two people.
A new wedding scene originates in the space that had a feeling of opening and dignity.
I am blessed on a blue rose
I display symbol, Rose of "the love" in seven places under shaderia of the ring of Moebius expressing immortality.
It is dramatic in a banquet, and the large screen such as the movie theater reflects a profile introduction by color writing and a sound to change and expresses the feeling of thanks to your parents and guest and.
The Lucky charm that happiness visits the guest with an impression to the program of the party with a sound and a picture.
As for adopting search for charm covered by a window for the game of the guest participation type.
Taking a seat: ... 100 people

"The sea" which spreads in front. "The sky" (the sky) high forever.
It is "the sea sky" that imaged two to spread forever.
It is a quality of naruto with a chandelier with a flower of the sudachi as a motif.
It is the popular venue which can feel a resort wedding with an azure blue carpet reflecting the image of the Mediterranean Sea.

Taking a seat: 80-200 people

The corridor of the ocean view to a walk, the world of the resort wedding.
Welcome to seaside wedding
The chandelier images a shell.
The carpet of the banquet venue is colored azure sea which there seems to be in the sea.
Bright sunlight comes in through a window and can see a happy bride still more beautifully.
The kurameku sea to a view banquet venue
The wide corridor which follows to the foyer (waiting for space) in front of a banquet venue.
It is wonderful to enjoy a pre-party and welcome party giving a drink and a small baked confectionery and canape free before a banquet.
Taking a seat: 35-50 people

The banquet that a banquet (dinner meeting) comes true in Tokushima alone in a venue with a tatami mat floor.
The wedding that offers hospitality at home
Let alone a white silk dress, Japanese binding of the color speculation, you can use even a wedding dress. It is Japanese-style room Nara that is close in distance with all of attendance.
Which "I was able to be relaxed when I enter the Japanese-style room of the tatami mat" is very popular from the various places where "I of I was saved as there was a small child" participated in until now.
I can overlook the sea from a big window and am the special space where a resort wedding and the wedding of the sum are granted at the same time.
Including a small announcement meeting inviting immediate people, you can use it for betrothal present and both families meeting of the new members.
Taking a seat: ... 48 people
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