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Dishes to treat with seafood of seasonal Naruto, a blessing of the earth
It is the hospitality of the Naruto style by the menu which I accepted in the season utilized rich fresh, delicious local seasonal ingredients brought up naturally. The reason why is popular among the dishes which can be pleased with local people let alone a guest out of Tokushima being able to taste a sense of the seasons and the atmospheric arrangements.

Three reasons why dishes are delicious

  • Keeping on being particular about "it is fresh", and choosing the seasonal ingredients
  • Use the ingredients to be able to taste only in Tokushima, Naruto including Naruto sea bream and the Naruto bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans abundantly
  • What I prepare for by the best recipe to know everything about the features of ingredients of Chisan, and to draw taste

The dishes can try it by a wedding fair.

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