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Wedding Event
I experience a hotel wedding blessed by sea and Rose
Held by the wedding fair that can experience a hotel wedding!
As for the event that can feel the charm of the aoaonarutorizoto wedding including the tasting party which can check a simulated event and the taste of dishes that can blow up the image of a wedding ceremony and the banquet, various.
Do you not experience a feeling of seaside opening wedding scene to have? Two people thinking of a wedding ceremony in Tokushima, please participate by all means. I look forward to coming of two people.

※An event is displayed when I click it over a date when you see a calendar with a smartphone.

Unhurried all the buildings visit & conference

Such a fair that is good to two that which "I want to talk slowly while asking about what I do not understand" "invites a customer to from outside the prefecture!" Let alone a chapel and a venue, I can observe the facilities in a room and the hall having you stay!
■Make a reservation: Until three days before
web until the day before tel

Dishes of the reputation! Free tasting party fair

The best recommended event that can thoroughly enjoy dishes with the reputation! With the atmosphere of the venue, please confirm it in a guest glance

■Two part system of 10:30 -/14:30 ...
■Make a reservation: Until four days before
web until three days before tel 

Princess feeling☆
Try-on X wedding entrance is actually fair 
I try on the admiration "wedding dress" of the bride and experience the entrance scene in the seaside chapel!

■Make a reservation: Until three days before web until three days before tel

[wedding ceremony-limited of ... 30]
Small number of people-limited fair 

A wedding ceremony to spend with a relative and a close friend must see a desired person! One action releases a method of direction and the hospitality only by the few people who were popular among the flowers which are a graduate very much!

■Make a reservation: Until three days before
web until the day before tel

[schedule X budget X direction]
A minimum period of 60 minutes! A visit, consultation is fair quickly 

I advise you only that I really want to know it in pinpoint! It is recommended because I can check the difference with other ceremonial halls after the visit to ceremonial hall second case!

■Make a reservation: Until three days before
web until the day before tel

[fair of the flower popularity that is a graduate]
Seaside chapel experience-based fair

Stained glass is a shining seaside stand-alone chapel and I hold a wedding ceremony and enter it and experience it! What will you be pleased with what kind of person you want to invite when you walk while imagining the day of the wedding if you do it? nado is sure what it becomes easy to image! A fair beginner is welcome, too!
■Three part system: 10:00 -/13:00 -/16:00 ...
■Make a reservation: Until
web3 day until the day before tel

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