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The resort hotel which nestles by the sea! I am born as "aoaonarutorizoto" on April 1, 2019!
Wedding Event

Unhurried all the buildings visit & conference

Such a fair that is good to two that which "I want to talk slowly while asking about what I do not understand" "invites a customer to from outside the prefecture!" Let alone a chapel and a venue, I can observe the facilities in a room and the hall having you stay!
The anxiety dissolves at a stretch just to talk!  Though I was selected, as for the marriage, such an uneasy that which "I do not know what I should do from now on" "will be how necessary for the expense though I give a wedding ceremony", please make a reservation casually by all means. As it is only the woman staff, even one of bride is welcome!
Visit tour in the hotel hall
I observe the facilities of the resort hotel facing the sea entirely!  Let alone a wedding venue and various party venues, I show around a room, a restaurant of the staying to entertain a customer of outside the prefecture, the large hall only in the hotel including hot spring facilities slowly!
■A net reservation: Until three days ago  ■A TEL reservation: Until the day before
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