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Wedding Event

It is easy with a smartphone! Casually online conference

The online consultation is consultation "of" new form that can receive professional consultation while being in the home without going to the venue directly.
Even a busy person and the other party and the which time does not readily match are all right.
Please feel free to contact me for the troubles such as search for ceremonial hall or the expense.
What kind of one which I can talk about
At first, as for the person whom I want to feel free to contact!
As for the person who wants to be talked about concrete content with slowly and carefully!
Consultation of the wedding ceremony
It is OK to be concrete even if not selected!
An experienced planner hears about a dream and the thought to a wedding ceremony and suggests it
Visit to online venue
Other than a chapel and a party venue
I show around the hotel hall using a photograph and a figure
Consultation of estimate & schedule
While asking about the request of two
I estimate it and make it based on information necessary for making and will send it later
I inform you of the space situation of the venue in total
About preparations
Let alone a wedding ceremony, please feel free to contact the consultation of a dinner party of the meeting of the new members and the preparations for proposal!
Online reservation
Fair date ※required
/ /   
Participation time
The number of people that wish to participate of the fair ※required
The name
The name ※required
Example) Taro Yamada
Furigana ※required
Example) Yamada Taro
Phone number to get of the contact such as cell-phones ※required
E-mail address ※required

※I reinput it for confirmation ※Half size British number
Consultation contents [please choose one]
Why did you know our venue (as a wedding ceremony venue)?
Scheduled wedding date
※I do not mind even undecided on scheduled wedding date
Is going to invite you; the number of people
■A net reservation: Until three days ago  ■A TEL reservation: Until the day before
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