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Country of Awa

It is a Times lip to good old Japan! When evade the goodwill that the king-post rises; there is a state of Awa of the festival height! You can enjoy a "fair, stand" "folkcraft of Awa" "cheap candy shop of the Showa" at the street corner full of atmospheres of the Showa. In addition, the nature lye (open) fermentation-based Awa natural indigo dyeing experience starts, too. The discovery that I feel nostalgic for the adult, and a child is new!
●Business hours → 18:30-21:00
 Place → South the first floor of the tower

※Business hours and a business day may be changed.
※This indigo dyeing experience varies in the date, time. (the resumption plans October 10, 2023)
※An item may be changed by time.

Fair play

You look at target practice, smart ball, the omede sea bream and die it out of a lottery, and please enjoy ball korogashinadoo.
A rate: Once 300 yen/ ...
Target practice
I present a premium if I conquer the mark from the base of the log using a cork ball
Smart ball
If it carries away a ball toward nine marks, and one line is equal, I present bingo, a premium
Look at the omede sea bream; a lottery
We catch a paper fortune entering the sea bream, and let's draw a good edge! !If great good luck appears wonderfully, I will present Naruto sea bream whole one of them!
I roll a ball
If I roll a ball and am included in 0, you can get a premium!

A cheap candy shop "raccoon dog temple"

Premium exchange corner "raccoon dog temple" birth! I reproduced the atmosphere of the cheap candy shop of the Showa! Have the good old cheap candy which father and mother bought in childhood!


I stop by in "nature lye (I open) fermentation is based" handed down from the Edo era
 Indigo dyeing experience
"The lye fermentation-based indigo dyeing" to be handed down from Edo period is the dyeing method that is kind to environment to use raw materials produced from nature without using the chemicals entirely.
Indigo dyeing T-shirt
Indigo dyeing eco-bag
・Tie-dyed handkerchief one piece 1,650 yen
・Japanese towel one piece 3,300 yen
・Cotton bag one 4,400 yen
・T-shirt one piece 4,400 yen
・Stall one piece 4,400 yen

●It requires reservation ... to make a reservation the day before by 17:00 <to each time four people>
●Reservation reception desk place, reservation time ... beach counter (10:00-17:00 extension number 21) or country (18:30-21:00) of Awa
●At holding time ... 10:00, At 12:00, At 14:00, At 16:00, 19:00
●Time required ... 90-120 minutes
●Target ... 10 years old ...

※This indigo dyeing may stop by the situation of the indigo plant liquid in a hurry.
■The discharge dyeing experience holds 18:30-21:00. (discharge dyeing experience coaster one piece 1,100 yen)

This indigo dyeing experience-based WEB reservation

There is the possibility that the case with the indigo plant liquid changes color on a hand and clothes. The clothes become dirty, and come in good clothes.
As the item except the handkerchief is limited in the number of the reservations, please consult.

Otani ware painting experience 1,500 yen -, Awa making paper by hand Japanese paper experience 1,500 yen
★I will hold the Otani encaustic painting experience belonging to in the following time. [require reservation]
※As for the Otani encaustic painting charge account experience, an experience-based rate is going to be changed.

About an Otani encaustic painting charge account actually reservation

Holding time
Make a reservation; remarks
[noon] ※Under a stop
To each/time four people requiring reservation
[at night] April 1, 2023 ... (2023.7/22-8/31 is excluded)
The country business hours of Awa can experience the Otani encaustic painting charge account experience.
※Contents may be changed.
※The photograph is an image.
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