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Awa Folk Dance performance

I sense Tokushima's greatest festival "Awa Folk Dance" bodily
Awa Folk Dance to sing 7,775-like musical accompaniment words on rhythm of "one of Yoshiko", and to dance, and to have fun. Tokushima of the midsummer seems to have the whole town in undulation of the rhythm of "one of Yoshiko". It is a dance of the native district that has been inherited for 400 years while changing the form with the times.

Awa Folk Dance performance

●Time: Until 20:40 - about 20 minutes around 21:00 
●A place: Aoaonarutorizoto main tower 1F blue Rose 
※A holding place of the day and the held yes or no, please identify a main tower 1F navigation desk horizontal sign.
※During the Awa Folk Dance period (8/8-8/15) of Naruto-shi and Tokushima-shi, Awa Folk Dance in the hall will stop. 
●A rate: Free <guest-limited> 

※Please enjoy Awa Folk Dance of December 31, 2023 at a countdown party. (1/1 0:00 ...)

It is ... with a ream

Awa Folk Dance dances with a happi coat and yukatas together by the group unit called "a ream".
I am comprised of the person of 200 from dozens of people in many places, and dozens of reams are active only in the Tokushima city.
Each ream has a tradition and competes with individuality for the skill.

Origin of Awa Folk Dance

It is a beginning of Awa Folk Dance that merchants rush in a castle when I constructed a castle, and feudal lord Hachisuka (Hachisuka) housekeeping celebrated Tokushima Castle in 1587.
"Leave it in now, and a lord of Awa, Prince Hachisuka do it; the housekeeping very liked this dance so that was sung by Awa Folk Dance" and one of Yoshiko, and danced three days of the tray every year from the next year, and seemed to come to enjoy it.
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