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rizo large work experience-based program

Child of staying 4 years old - 12 years old (to a primary schoolchild)
500 "money (coupon in the hall) of the raccoon dog" is paid to salary when I finish work. "I leave the nest, and the salary is available to drink & petit cake set" in aoaobichirando, designated menu, terasukafeoge which "both", can use ga of the country of Awa.
▶The menu details that "money of the raccoon dog" is usable are this
Reception desk
Place/1F navigator desk (in the navigator absence a bell counter)   

※But please note that the customer of the day of the check-in becomes a receptionist making a reservation from 12:00. (only as for the staying customer, possible a reservation from 10:00 a.m.)
※Making a reservation is a first-come-first-served basis. (telephone reservation impossibility)
I finish acceptance as soon as it becomes each program capacity. In addition, I finish reservation acceptance 30 minutes before each program start.
1 menu child 1 other people/1,000 yen (tax-included)
※Please gather ten minutes before a program.
Toward the protector
  • For a work menu to perform only in children, the protector becomes only the visit.
  • When menu contents are changed by bad weather, there is it.
  • For the program that a child actually works, please participate with mobile clothes and shoes.
  • Please take the protector to and from at the time of a meeting, the dissolution.
※Contents may be changed.
Work menu

Shake! Shake! Bartender
★Holding time
15:30/16:30 (month, water, Friday)
16:30 (fire, tree, Saturday and Sunday)
★Meeting place
(a place may be changed)
Time required/primary schoolchild about 30 minutes infant about 15 minutes
Capacity/1 to 10 persons
Uniform/best, bow tie, shirt, apron, pants
Work contents
Choose the favorite juice, is shake with a shaker.
I think about the name of the cocktail which I made.

Cake patissier

★ Holding time 
11:30/14:30 (fire, Thursday)
★ Meeting place 
Time required/primary schoolchild about 40 minutes
Capacity/2 to 6 persons
Uniform/cook hat, apron
I paint a work contents sponge with fresh cream and decorate favorite fruit. I, my cake are number one in Japan.

The bell staff
★Holding time
(fire, Thursday and Friday, Sunday)
★Meeting place
The front desk
Time required/about 30 minutes
Capacity/1 to 4 persons
Uniform/bell uniform, hat
Work contents
It is the guide of the highlight tour bus in a lobby. Guidance in the bus inside of car at the time of the getting off.

The shop staff
★Holding time
(month, water, gold, Sunday)
★Meeting place
Market place
Time required/primary schoolchild about 30 minutes
Capacity/1 to 8 persons

Work contents
How about delicious ○○; or ... Let's become an older brother, the older sister of the shop!

※ Time and a place may be changed by bad weather.
※ For a program that a child actually does work and experiences, please participate with mobile clothes and shoes.
※ The bank of the protector, please at the time of a meeting, the dissolution.
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