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Seasonal taste hunting

Strawberry picking experience 2024

It is delicious so that “ cheeks fall! "kotokara named "deep red cheeks" strawberry. It is large a texture is very tasty very beautifully visually and is juicy. Please go out in "a strawberry picking experience" for the memory of the trip to whirlpool.
A period: Beginning of January ... (in 2024 from January 4)
A place: I say a fruit garden (by car about 20 minutes)
   Oasachohimeda, Naruto-shi, Tokushima character guide 26-1
Make a reservation: Making a reservation would like to send it to the farm directly.
080-6375-3317 that a fruit garden says

Accommodation plan with the strawberry picking experience

A staying object period: 2024.01/05 Friday - 2024.05/30 Thursday

Pear picking experience

You can eat a really delicious pear from the land where is most suitable for fruit tree cultivation.
The pear that I pick it off and am fully-ripened in a vertical fresh tree is all-you-can-eat in the garden ♪ I will taste a fresh and young pear exhaustively!
A period: From mid-August through mid-September
A place: Fruit garden Yamagata (by car about 30 minutes)
   645-1, Otsuchooshiro, Naruto-shi, Tokushima
Make a reservation: Making a reservation would like to send it to the farm directly.
   Fruit garden Yamagata 088-685-4721

2023.9 moon - November limitation! It is experienced a bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans country bumpkin when it becomes

It arrives at the potato field from a hotel in about seven minutes. As I harvest it in the sea sand called the powdered silver of Naruto, even a child can enjoy it.
A period: From September 1, 2024 to November 30
An entrance fee: Of 1400 yen per person (it includes a tax, a service charge)

※You can take potato about 1kg that you dug home as a souvenir.
※With an eco-background, I present one Naruto bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans♪
※The one-day use is OK, too.

The meeting time: At September, October/11:00, 16:00,
November/11:00, 15:30

A reservation: On the day please make a reservation to the front desk within 30 minutes before a meeting.
A meeting place: Beach side deck
The time required: About 50 minutes

February, March limitation! Naruto seaweed crop & salting experience 2024

Naruto seaweed experience

A period: From February 1, 2024 to March 31
●The one-day use is possible, too.
※Bad weather cancellation
※Contents may be changed.

I set sail for the seaweed shelf (about ten minutes) of the offing on a ship in the crop experience from the beach of the hotel. I salt it for souvenirs and process it, and, furthermore, the seaweed brought up by a severe tide prepares for the shabu-shabu sampling of the straight seaweed after the crop on the spot. Please thoroughly enjoy the ultimate local gourmet who is not sold from the freshness in the market.

★"fukoidan" letting an immune cell activate as for the seaweed is plentiful!
The super food that the seaweed is excellent at an effect in beauty and health! In alginic acid and fukoidan included in the seaweed, there is work to exhaust extra salt and cholesterol, lipid outside a body, and there is an effect for immunity up, the prevention and the diet of the lifestyle, and an ingredient is expected to be effective in letting you relax hay fever and an allergy slipperily again. Furthermore, is an antioxidant action; to anti-aging of the skin, mineral ingredient detsuya hair!

◆Naruto seaweed crop & salting experience
[I try seaweed fishing → salting experience → seaweed shabu-shabu on a fishing boat]
Time: 10:30 -/11:30 -/14:00 -/15:00 ... (about 90 minutes)
A reception desk: It requires reservation the day before by 17:30
A rate: Adult 2,500 yen, primary schoolchild 2,000 yen
※Buy to go: About 800 g of 1 other people salting seaweed adults, primary schoolchild 500 g
※The seaweed crop becomes older than a primary schoolchild.
Capacity: For each 2-8 people
Addition: 800 g of salting seaweeds have it; 880 yen
[rental] There are life jacket, parka top and bottom, gloves, the rental of boots

◆Naruto seaweed salting experience
[I try salt fir tree salting full-course meal → seaweed shabu-shabu from crabbing]
Time: 11:00 -/12:00 ... (about 30 minutes)
A reception desk: /navigator desk who requires reservation the day before by 17:30
A rate: 825 yen younger than adult 1,650 yen, a primary schoolchild
※Buy to go: About 500 g of 1 other people salting seaweed adults, primary schoolchild or younger 300 g
Capacity: For each 1-20 people
Addition: 500 g of salting seaweeds have it; 550 yen

▶Advantageous one-day plan "salting experience + lunch buffet + hot spring" is this

◆Core collecting experience 
It is held from 2/15

We experience work to divide a leaf and the stem of the salting seaweed into, and let's get a seaweed stem boiled in sweetened soy sauce which dietary fiber has abundant as a souvenir!
[a whole bunch a core collecting experience course]
Time: 11:00-16:00
A reception desk: Beach land (require reservation) 
A rate: 500 yen per person
Capacity: For each 2-50 people ※4 years or older
※Buy to go: 300 g of salting seaweed souvenirs, seaweed core
[help course] free of charge
Time: 11:00-16:00
A reception desk: Beach land
Capacity: Unavailable
※Buy to go: Seaweed core

◆Scalloped noodles of the fresh seaweed 
How about the udon which I get it and fully put vertical fresh seaweed on? The burning hot udon to eat in outdoor is the best!
A reception desk: Navigator desk (it requires reservation the day before by 17:30) 
Time: It becomes the offer in the sampling time after each seaweed experience.
A rate: 600 yen per person
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