Both the work and the trip are oneself styles
Form of new normal + new trip
To live in Nature of ... Setonaikai National Park; stay ...
Form = "GoTo current style bell" of the trip that a new normal X is new 
From the life when is full in a room while utilizing remote to the maximum
 I will suggest an active days for relief.
I am set free from everyday stress by the sound of the wave and comfortable wind, and new discovery and idea are born.
Please experience rizotowakeshon of Naruto. 

To the person who had you cooperate with infection prophylaxis guidelines
There is the special hospitality.
WEB reservation 
wakeshon day return plan >  
The days that is active in peace from the life when is full in a room
Cooking Class
Specialty of whirlpool taimeshi classroom
Ohashi, Naruto cruising
Local Experience
Naruto bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans country bumpkin experience
Local Experience
Naruto seaweed crop experience
wakeshon in aoaosutairu
It is wakeshon in nature

I concentrate a telework in a beach side or a public area and, let alone a guest room, can perform it. In addition, it soaks in the natural hot spring said to be good for immunity reinforcement, and would mind and body like to be refreshed together? The takeout OK's breakfast and the cafe menu, too!
While utilizing remote to the maximum
I enjoy a trip

With crust label to balance with a class of the wakeshon University which is compatible with work. I can receive the lecture that I want to attend.
※In the case of attendance, I show around the quiet place in an important meeting and lecture I do it. (pay)
Wi-Fi was not only the hotel hall and came to be connected by the Saint ceraFick garden with aoaobichi and the chapel. 
It is how to spend only for oneself in selectable stlye
Work X family vacation
In a fishing pond and the fair facilities to be able to enjoy in the family being in the hotel with a family
I can go out together ♪ The connecting room guest room is recommended, too

X traveling alone that works
The local gourmet wants to enjoy it at the hotel, too. 
Please spend time slowly in a room until reservation time. .

It is compatible with the class of university With class
X trip
I experience a folkcraft at the hotel and can mention art in Otsuka Museum of Art.
Please enjoy it with the activity in the sea. 
AoAwo Style
I meet and meet you in the sky
Time of the once-in-a-lifetime chance to spend time in aoao
To the Tokushima who wants to enjoy a trip,
I suggest a trip of the new discovery in aoao.
Traffic access
Access map
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For JR Shikoku Naruto Line Naruto Station - pick-up bus 15 minutes,
Tokushima Awa dance airport - pick-up bus 30 minutes (require reservation)
I am operating the nonstop bus from the Keihanshin district area.
From Sannomiya
Use of nonstop bus
→ About 1 hour 40 minutes
From Osaka
Use of nonstop bus
→ About 2 hours 30 minutes
From Nagoya
Use of JR/express bus/pickup and drop-off
→ About 2 hours 40 minutes
From Tokyo
Use of plane/pickup and drop-off
→ About 1 hour 45 minutes
〒772-0053 16-45, Oge, Narutochotosadomariura, Naruto-shi, Tokushima
 A representative: 088-687-2580 (10:00-18:00)
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