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Approach to ECO

To protect sea and nature of Naruto

I think that I will cooperate to protect important resources to follow the cause of the understanding of the customer, the beautiful sea and natural environments of Naruto in the aoaonarutorizoto.
Because we match power with a customer together, I save water and energy and can minimize the influence on natural environments with the detergent more, too.

Guest room green program

At the hotel, enormous water and detergents are used for cleaning of the sheets which I only used once a day.
I promote a program to have the customer of the consecutive stay do a declaration of intention by an exclusive card to reduce the exchange number of times of the linen, and to reduce even a little.

LED with a little power consumption

There is little power consumption and uses low LED of the heat load for guest room, restaurant, lighting such as the public space and Christmas illuminations with longer life.
By LED introduction, I can reduce power consumption an average of 80%.
The crude oil conversion charges of Heisei 24 through 25 can reduce 43 tons.

Tree planting of the pine

I planted a pine as a windbreak forest for a long time in Naruto.
At our hotel, I plant a pine in the beach side from 2007.
There are strong sunlight, wind of Naruto, the effect to disturb erosion control again.

Local environmental conservation activity

"I want to protect nature of Naruto" carries out the cause of the thought to "want a customer to enjoy the beautiful sea of Okinawa", the beach cleaning by the hotel employee, the cleaning activity around the hotel regularly.
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