Approach to SDGs 
Approach for the SDGs promotion
I work on the problem that is new for a driving force for "the challenge mind" that is the origin of the founding.

The aoaonarutorizoto approves of SDGs (sustainable development target) advocated by the United Nations,
By "community and I live together consideration, contribution to society to environment, diversity promotion and creation of the new value for realization of the sustainable society,
 I work on realization of SDGs with a coming customer.
Approach to environment 
Thorough infectious disease measures 
I carry out infectious disease measures thoroughly so that a customer can stay in the reliable security as an approach to environment in the aoaonarutorizoto.

Offer of reliable safe ingredients 
I carry out check of the hygiene management situation based on HACCP of the department dealing with a food hygiene class and the food by the outside expert regularly and work on thorough security hygiene management.

Recycling of the waste oil 
4,665 L a year of waste oil which appear from a cooking process
To raw materials of oil and the paint that I am collected and am for industrial use
I am reborn.

Enforcement of the selective non-exchange of linen 
At the hotel, enormous water and detergents are used for cleaning of the sheets which I just used once a day. I promote a program to have the customer of the consecutive stay declare the intentions of non-exchange of linen and no cleaning service by an exclusive card to reduce load to environment by a saving and the drainage of water, electricity resources.
Detoxification of the drainage 
In the Naruto-cho with the resort, the sewer is not fully equipped with. Therefore I perform an approach to detoxify drainage exhausted using an exclusive septic tank in facilities at the hotel.

It is effectively utilized reduction and the energy of the fossil fuel 
LED of the lighting in the hall promoted becoming it and achieved 80% of the whole in April, 2021. 
From 2019 is a train from fuel oil A with the use fuel of an air conditioner, the hot water supply apparatus       I change it to a going expression and drive. When I compared it with 2018 based on the results in 2019, I reduced CO2 706t.
Reduction of the garbage 
We consider that the environmental protection marine as a beach resort is the biggest problem that you should work on.
   I adopt amenity of the microbeads-free about the choice of the amenity in the guest room. 
You purchase the ingredients in a hall if possible, and by using it thoroughly, carry out the disposal of ingredients part thoroughly 
 I work hard to reduce it. 
The natural material that 100% of corrugated cardboard is reproducible. The corrugated cardboard which was collected at a hotel
 I revive as raw materials of the paper again. 
I support business to contribute vaccine to world children by collecting a plastic bottle cap
Since the opening of business of 1991, I use same sill stupid Tralee carefully. It is the difficult subject matter that manages the silver,
 I come by use of ⾧ ku if I polish it carefully.
Ecosystemic recovery of the ocean and the coast  
Setonaikai National Park that was appointed first in Japan. Naruto Channel located in that becomes the main route of the ferry of the wild bird including the hawk, Onaruto Bridge    I include this and refrain from the light-ups to the sea from a point of view of the environmental conservation. 
Measures of paper resources  
The tissue of the guest room uses the paper FSC® certification paper to protect the world forest which WWF recommends. In addition, I use a product using risakuruparupu of the paper pack for toilet paper.

For the symbiosis with the community
Cooperation with promotion/producer of the local production for local consumption 
The meal that utilizes abundant ingredients produced in a hometown positively, and is reliable safely 
 I supply materials and reduce the food mileage. 
Of the season when I stocked it from the local producer directly and was harvested in a hometown
 I provide a thing more deliciously. Which "there is it only now" "here 
If I tell him/her to be able to sense a thing produced  in this bodily and am a hometown
I am doing  dehano invention.

To follow Setonaikai National Park 
Not only the hotel original clean up but also,
 I participate in the shore cleaning with local inhabitants every year,
 I contribute to maintaining a beautiful shoreline.
 I plant a pine as a windbreak forest for a long time in Naruto
 tekimashita. The sunlight that Naruto is strong in the pine
 I shut out the wind and take the role of the erosion control.
 As for us from 2007 to the private beach
 I work on tree planting.
Acceptance of the experience-based class of the local elementary and junior high school 
I am doing a help to dig a potato in local children, and to have you deepen interest in hometown industry through an experience or a seaweed salting experience.

Cooperation with the local industry 
I provide the place of the activity to association of Naruto-shi Awa Folk Dance promotion and have the customer that you came sense genuine Awa Folk Dance bodily and cooperate with hometown industry through the crop experience of Naruto bowl of shaved ice with boiled adzuki beans potato and the Naruto seaweed, folkcraft experiences such as indigo dyeing or the Otani firing widely.
A meal delicious in peace  
I give every possible response to be able to enjoy a meal to a customer having food allergy in peace. 

The making of job that is easy to act
I provide a balanced meal in the staff cafeteria 
I take in local seasonal vegetables and fruit as possible,
I try for satisfaction and the health maintenance of the employee by the menu which thought about balance.

I adopt position kyuseido which the difference in wage does not produce by sex differences 
51% of employees of the aoaonarutorizoto are women. I adopt position kyuseido where a salary is fixed at by the duties responsibilities that are not one of the difference of the salary by difference in sex.
I maintain 100% of acquisition rates of a vacation, the parental leave in after giving birth in before childbirth 
Can acquire a vacation, the parental leave at a high standard in after giving birth in before childbirth, but after the parental leave work on returning to be able to meet the needs of various ways of working of the staff.
Celebration system 
I prepare a congratulatory gift of money for the staff called marriage and the childbirth from the company at the big turning point of the life. In addition, I carry out the staff family party every year and show thanks to a family supporting the staff. I perform longtime employee commendation to the staff who ⾧ passes to come, and makes an effort for the company. I think that it becomes the motive to act with a motivation for the staff that a company supports lifework balance.
I devise general business owner action plan based on the woman achievement promotion law
I devised action plan so that all employees showed the ability enough by an employee being able to balance child care with work, and making the environment where all the employee was easy to act on. 
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