July, 2024
"Art gallery" to be able to stay
Sunflower room of Gogh Seven rooms birth
The guest room which featured the theme of "the sunflower" which was the symbol of the utopia for Van Gogh
I am born as "art gallery" which can stay this summer.
The sunflower of the vase of Gogh reproduced with Sue board image is displayed on the wall of the room,
While it is wrapped in art, you can spend special time.

Otsuka Museum of Art collaboration theme room

・Than wall surface headboard/Gogh museum, Philadelphia Museum of Art, a Sue board 8 picture mounting of the sunflower of Ashiya one point
Size H460mm X W350mm

・Than the sunflower of seven wall side/fresco graphic sheet actual size one point

※The designs of "the sunflower" are different for each room.
※Contents may be changed to some extent.
Introduction of the display work
●Wall surface headboard/Sue board 8 picture mounting
Gogh museum/Sue board
[307/305/Room 304]
Philadelphia Museum of Art/Sue board
[405/Room 404]
Sunflower/Sue board of Ashiya
[407/Room 308]
●Lateral wall/fresco graphic sheet actual size

I can overlook a superb view of Naruto Channel from the balcony of the oceanfront.
The way moon road in the month when the morning sun and a full moon of 100 Japanese moon rising to the sea of Naruto describe it is attractive.
I introduce the whole country's first Hikari wiring method (exclusive possession type),
The cause of the Wi-Fi environment that is comfortable by security,
You can spend a time of the relaxation such as the theater room with 55 type smart TV.
Long stay
With furniture and the interior that are most suitable for long stay, full amenity wa-keshon stay
The consecutive stays such as stays are recommended, too.
Amenities and Facilities

  • Aroma oil of aroma pot & sunflower
  • Sunflower herb tea 
  • Mug cup of Gogh
  • Mini-art library
  • Sparkling wine & sweets (Awa cake)
  • L'OCCITANE (for shampoo, a conditioner, shower gel, the body lotion X number of people *1 soap) 
  • Mineral water (500 ml) 
  • Leather (razor)
  • Toothbrush set  
  • Hairbrush 
  • Shower cap 
  • Cotton, cotton swab  
  • Cleansing, face-wash, lotion, emulsion

[equipment, facilities] 
  • Wi-Fi 
  • 55 type smart TV
  • Bluetooth speaker (digital clock) 
  • Humidification air cleaner 
  • ReFa dryer 
  • ReFa shower head 
  • Magnifying glass (with the lighting)
  • Towel (hand face bus) 
  • Balcony 
  • Kettle pot
  • Coffee maker
  • Double pillow 
  • Selectable pillow menu 
  • Shoo mitt (I polish shoes) 
  • Safe 
  • Work clothes 
  • Hall private business slippers 
  • Beach sandals (only as for the summer) 
  • Bathrobe
Room Information
[room information]
Type A 
・Area 37 of the guest room㎡
・Bed size 1,050mm *2,050mm
・The number of the guest rooms: 2 (307, 407)
・Entirely non-smoking

※The design of "the sunflower", the types of the wall paper are different for each room.
Room Information
[room information]
Type B
※The image is completion Perth image
・Area 37 of the guest room㎡
・Bed size 1,400mm *2,050mm
・The number of the guest rooms: 5 (304, 305, 308, 404, 405)
・Entirely non-smoking

※The design of "the sunflower", the types of the wall paper are different for each room.