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I introduce part of shower head and hair dryer of beauty brand "ReFa" into the guest room

In a shower head and the hair dryer some guest rooms of beauty brand "ReFa" (reF), I further introduce a shower head into the hot spring

The shower making ... skin beautiful is up to about 53% of reduction (※ 1) ... with consumption of the water

I introduced shower head "ReFa FINE BUBBLE PURE" of "ReFa" (reF) of the beauty brand into part of the main tower guest room and Naruto hot spring four. In addition, I introduced hair dryer "ReFa BEAUTECH DRYER PRO" into some main tower guest rooms. 
I pay my attention to the water which I continue touching all over the bathtime, and a shower head of "ReFa" known as CM of "the ten seconds beauty treatment salon" is the shower head which thought out sensitive skin. I draw skin original beauty by two bubbles with mechanism of the specific washing smaller than a normal bubble. In addition, up to about 53% of reduction (※ 1) is possible and make a sparkle of the shampoo better, and consumption of the water is held down to the consumption of the shampoo.
The hair dryer develops it jointly with the top salon and reproduces the blow technique of the professional with an exclusive mode to lead to right how to dry from a scalp to the point of a brush, and, as for being gathered up, the luster grants fast-dry (※ 2), too.

※1)At the time of use of mist mode ※2) Comparison (the maker investigation) with maker conventional products 2019 release ReFa BEAUTECH DRYER

■Features of shower head ReFa FINE BUBBLE PURE

・Two bubbles to make skin beautiful
I include the bubble that is smaller than a normal bubble, ultra Fine bubble and a microbubble in the current of the shower. By two bubbles with mechanism of the specific washing, I draw skin original beauty.
・I drop it in double detergency
Ultra Fine bubble takes the small dirt of the pore and removes the big dirt that a microbubble was jam-packed in a pore.
・Four selectable currents
I can change a mist, a jet, a pure straight, four currents of the straight with a slide lever. I warm up a whole body to give moisture to drop the different dirt of the property by a part of the skin, and the current which is most suitable for a purpose in total can control it.
 When you may feel lower than setting temperature because note) mist mode is a letter of warm fog and is released and do it in the other mode as the setting temperature, you miss the body, and please temperature-regulate a shower mouth.

・I warm the whole body pleasantly
To a silky bath to wrap skin in softly when I put a shower head in the bathtub. On the skin which two bubbles warmed a whole body, and a keratin fluid volume rose, and was moistened.
・Saving water effect
I can expect a saving water effect to cut consumption of the water up to about 53% (※ 1). In addition, a sparkle of the shampoo is good, and the consumption of the shampoo agent is held down.

■Features of hair dryer ReFa BEAUTECH DRYER PRO

・Automatic temperature regulation to protect a scalp and a point of a brush from damage
A sensor senses a scalp and the temperature of the point of a brush, and by automatically changing warm air and a cold wind, the scalps are about 50 degrees Celsius or less, the point of a brush is keeping in about 60 degrees Celsius or less. I protect a scalp and a point of a brush from heat damage. 

・Hydroion generating
I put high-density carbon and ionizer of 99.9% of purity on the inside of the dryer. An ion occurs from a dryer. To moist soft summer and hair. The ionizer has work to let atmospheric molecules ionize. 

・I dry a scalp in spite of being defense and fix the style
I fix the style in under 50 degrees Celsius for scalps and a hydroion and lead it to the healthy scalp environment. Using an exclusive mode to lead to right how to dry from a scalp to the point of a brush, dry speed does up (※ 2) by drying it with a step similar to a professional.

Introduction place

[guest room] Shower head & hair dryer

※I introduced it into the following guest room.

[Naruto hot spring] Shower head

※I introduced a shower head into two 1F outdoor baths, 8F fine view bath two places.
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