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Corner twin - Awa indigo plant ...

"Awa indigo plant" characterized by the indigo blue that it is called Japan blue, and is beautiful. "Corner twin - Awa indigo plant -" that the work which the great master of Masakazu Akiyama (Miyazaki) to boast of a high dyeing technology to be particular about the technique that the nature lye fermentation that was kind to both people and nature was based having been continued since ancient times, and to represent Japan to and two of Suwa enthusiast-like them (Yamagata) received inspiration from "Naruto Whirlpools" and dealt with was decorated

Room information

Area 44 of the guest room
Bed size 1,200mm *2,200mm

  • The number of the guest rooms: Two rooms are entirely non-smoking

※The child who is younger than a primary schoolchild cannot use this guest room

Floor plan
From Naruto Whirlpools
I received inspiration and dealt 
... Awa indigo plant ...

Equipment, facilities

・55 type smart TV
・Bluetooth speaker (digital clock)
・Humidification air cleaner
・Aroma pot & aroma oil
・ReFa dryer
・ReFa shower head
・Magnifying glass (with the lighting)
・Towel (hand face bus) 
・Balcony (Wood deck)
・Kettle pot 
・Coffee maker 
・Otani ware coffee cup
・Otani ware-free cup
・Double pillow 
・Selectable pillow menu 
・Shoo mitt (I polish shoes) 
・Iron/ironing board 
・Yukata/padded clothes (going to switch to work clothes than 2024.6/1)
・Hall private business slippers 
・Beach sandals (only as for the summer)


・L'OCCITANE (for shampoo, a conditioner, shower gel, the body lotion X number of people *1 soap) 
・Mineral water (500 ml)
・Drip coffee
・Awa indigo plant tea
・Small vase
・Sparkling wine
・Assorted local cakes

・Leather (razor) 
・Toothbrush set 
・Shower cap 
・Nail file (nail file) 
・Cotton swab 
・Cleansing, face-wash, lotion, emulsion
※A free laundry and ice machine section are on each floor.
※I rent a desk lamp heater, wheelchair crib baby futon, the stroller to have you spend time comfortably. (require reservation)
As note) number includes a limit, I may decline it.
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