Folkcraft X of Tokushima
I have bodily sensation of this
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March, 2024 renewal
Deluxe twin premium
Deluxe Twin Premium
An art plate of the folkcraft "Otani ware" which represented a naruto was displayed
A deluxe twin premium 24 room is born newly. 

An art plate of the folkcraft "Otani ware" which represents Tokushima.
The ceramic art writer of the pottery which represented Otani ware received inspiration in the superb view of Naruto and baked it.
※The design of the art plate varies according to rooms.
The photograph is a dummy
Otani ware
Pottery introduction
炻ki (kind of ceramics) which "Otani ware" is a ground of Oasachootani, Naruto-shi, and is made. It is said that the opening is around 1780 (Ansei 9). "Omika" having making earthenware in a set is the tool which is indispensable to "the indigo dyeing" that Awa is made specially in it for two people and, using a unique potter's wheel called shin**, is called "an indigo plant pot". Six potteries are scattering in the village of Otani now. 
Wonsan kiln Eiichiro Tamura

Onishi earthenware Naoki Onishi

Umezato kiln Hiroki Mori

Forest earthenware 
The fourth generation: Yukio Mori, the fifth generation: Takashi Mori


I can overlook Naruto Channel of the superb view from the balcony of the ocean view.
The way moon road in the month when the rising morning sun and full moon of 100 Japanese months describe it from the sea of Naruto is attractive.
I introduce the whole country's first Hikari wiring method (exclusive possession type),
The cause of the WIFI environment that is comfortable by security,
You can spend a time of the relaxation such as the theater room with 55 type smart TV.
Long stay
I can enjoy wa-keshon and the long stay to stay, and to stay with furniture and the interior that are most suitable for long stay, full amenity.
Amenities and Facilities

[equipment, facilities]
  • Wi-Fi 
  • 55 type smart TV 
  • Bluetooth speaker (digital clock) 
  • Humidification air cleaner 
  • ReFa dryer 
  • ReFa shower head
  • Magnifying glass (with the lighting) 
  • Towel (hand face bus)
  • Balcony 
  • Kettle pot
  • Coffee maker 
  • Otani ware coffee cup 
  • Otani ware-free cup 
  • Double pillow 
  • Selectable pillow menu 
  • Shoo mitt (I polish shoes) 
  • Safe 
  • Yukata/padded clothes (going to switch to work clothes than 2024.6/1)  
  • Hall private business slippers 
  • Beach sandals (only as for the summer) 

  • L'OCCITANE (for shampoo, a conditioner, shower gel, the body lotion X number of people *1 soap) 
  • Mineral water (500 ml) ・
  • Drip coffee 
  • Green tea 
  • Leather (razor)
  • Toothbrush set
  • Hairbrush
  • Shower cap
  • Cotton, cotton swab 
  • Cleansing, face-wash, lotion, emulsion
Room Information
[room information]
Type A 
・Area 37 of the guest room㎡
・Bed size 1,050mm *2,050mm
・The number of the guest rooms: 13
・Entirely non-smoking

※A layout is in the different room.
Room Information
[room information]
Type B
・Area 37 of the guest room㎡
・Bed size 1,400mm *2,050mm
・The number of the guest rooms: 11
・Entirely non-smoking

※A layout is in the different room.
Room Information
[room information]
July 1, 2024 birth type C [connecting room]
・37 square meters in area X 2 of the guest room
・Bed size 1,050mm *2,050mm
・The number of the guest rooms: Two sets (two rooms X 2)
※The room can go back and forth in the neighboring room freely from the inside in a connecting room. 
/Room 309.310 on the third floor 
/Room 409.410 on the fourth floor
・Entirely non-smoking

※A layout is in the different room.
I see a guest room with a 360-degree camera
▼Type A
▼Type A
▼Type B