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I prepare for various styles so that the customer who had you stay can relax.
Please use aoaosutairu when you stay.

For the best sleep


I adopt bedingushisutemu where I introduced first-class linen, pillow into. And 90% of down of the pure white duck, heat retention using 10% of feathers are air permeable, and the slightly refreshing stylish duvet (feather futon) is superior duvet. The sheet, the duvet cover realized feel such as the silk with minute 300-thread-count specifications to be said to be a first-class texture.

It is available in deluxe twin (main tower), a corner double, coat dajurusuito, the room of the Riviera suite.

The pillow menu which chooses the favorite pillow

I prepare a low-elasticity pillow and seven kinds of pillows including the buckwheat chaff to be able to measure up to the hope of the customer.
  • Buckwheat chaff pillow
  • tempyurukonfotopiro
  • Anion pillow
  • Low-elasticity pillow
  • Pipe pillow
  • Feather pillow (the inside)
  • Feather pillow (low)

Linen reuse program

Enormous water and detergents are used for cleaning of the sheets which I only used once a day all over the world and pollute environment. We think that we will cooperate to save important resources to follow the cause of the understanding of the customer, the beautiful sea and natural environments of Naruto.
Because we match power with a customer together, I save water and energy and can minimize the influence on natural environments with the detergent more, too.

About sheet exchange

I change linen during a stay every other day, but exchange linen with pleasure anytime if there is the request of the customer.

About towel exchange

I ask the cleaning of the room every day, but would appreciate your telling it about the towel exchange by a method of either following.
  • Please give me in the towel rack whether sorry for your inconvenience, but the towel available sequentially comes to call a hook.
  • The towel that exchange is hoped for can enter the bathtub, and please let me know.
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