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Guidance of the school excursion

Education trip staying guide
Guidance of the school excursion
Impressive scenery with the panoramic view of Setonaikai National Park Naruto Channel
I touch the blessing Nature of Naruto, the whirling current

School excursion brochure

A guide map and meal contents, activity in the hall, guidance at the time of the stay

About a meal

Recommended lunch

▼Menu contents 2024 (2024.4/1-2025.3/31)

Meal [dinner, breakfast] which stays

▼Menu contents 2024 (2024.4/1-2025.3/31)
Dinner menu 

Breakfast menu 

A meal has the details fill out a food allergy information confirmation as for the request for allergy-response menu only in a set menu, and a reply or the FAX, please to the facilities person in charge within three weeks before accommodation date
"A food allergy information confirmation" (only a set menu supports)

Meal venue

I see a brochure

Activity menu for the school excursion

Drone picture shooting is optional

The making of memory memorable in aoaobichi
Do you not have the memory with a friend and the teacher with a something picture in aoaobichi overlooking Naruto Channel? I shoot a video in a drone from the sky and send picture data. I talk by hope including forming a human letter and the unique direction with an aerial photography picture with the movement.
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