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HPD reword member terms

1.The enrollment to HPD REWARD
1.1 Qualification
The membership of HPD REWARD is free, and the next individual can use it.
(a) Being able to offer effective, accurate personal information in the case of HPD REWARD participation
(b) Not being a member of HPD REWARD yet (in other words, you do not have a member account)
(c) Get membership from the HPD golden club which is our past membership system; *
What have not been done
The 1.1.a. member reads Terms of Use, other communication from us about HPD REWARD to understand your right, duty in HPD REWARD and takes responsibility to understand it. When you have a question about terms of HPD REWARD, please ask facilities you like directly.
1.2 HPD REWARD participation in planning facilities
"Participation in planning facilities" are a hotel, inns run under HPD Corporation affiliates to include.
Target participation in planning facilities:
①      Renaissance resort Okinawa
②      Here garden resort Okinawa
③      Aoaonarutorizoto
④      Lucky sign CAREN
⑤      A string and lucky sign bower
⑥      Lucky sign yamanaka
⑦      Kagari Kisshotei
1.3 The enrollment condition
The completion of the 1.3.a. enrollment application:  By filling out an application completely from the website of each participation in planning facility and exactly, the individual can do the enrollment application to HPD REWARD. We may refuse a membership offer of HPD REWARD for an applicant without a written notice by the original discretion.
1.3.b. individual member qualification:  The membership of HPD REWARD intends only for an individual, and only one member account can hold each individual. All HPD REWARD member accounts are personal accounts, and the joint account is not available. I cannot transfer the HPD REWARD membership benefit without explicit particular regulations.
1.3.c. member account:  A member account is established when I perform the enrollment application in HPD REWARD. The individual is a participation in planning facility, and it is "a member" having qualifications to acquire the member-limited privileges such as available coupons in a point or participation in planning facilities.
1.3.d. overlap account:  The individual can enroll in HPD REWARD. But the member cannot have one or more overlap accounts at any time under HPD REWARD.

The member with the personal member account cannot move the point between a rank, the accounts of these accounts in i .HPD REWARD. It is necessary to have you integrate the account with a single member account to compose of one membership and one point balance.
ii.When HPD REWARD member unifies member accounts, unification of the detailed information of the account is started immediately, and a part (I make a reservation of a point, number of nights, the future) becomes accessible immediately.
1.3.e. personal profile:  The information provided by a member is saved in a member account. What all the information of the personal profile offered by a member is exact effectively and is kept by the latest state is necessary.
The member can change information in the account profile on the website of each participation in planning facility i.
ii.The change of the name of the member account needs legal documents, signature to prove, that. For details, look at the website of each participation in planning facility.
Use of the information collected by 1.3.f. enrollment application:   The information that a member provides at the time of at the time of HPD REWARD enrollment application and point exchange in us is processed according to our privacy policy. The guidance of the related information is very important in our running HPD REWARD, and providing the opportunity to utilize a privilege of the membership to the maximum to each member. HPD REWARD discloses the information of the member only for the following.
The mail representation company which processes mail for us, a person authorized by a member, a service representation company, an E-mail service provider, such a group.
With each case, the member information is disclosed only for following one or more purposes.
1) I notify you of content of the situation and the business of the account of the member through printed matter or electronic intelligence and manage the account of the member and the setting appropriately.
2) I evaluate the qualification of the member for the privilege.
3) I receive the charge of our facilities from a member and handle it.
4) I offer additional products and service to the member.
By becoming HPD REWARD member, the member is considered to have agreed to receiving the all kinds of information mentioned above, but the member defines the hope setting of mail/email and other notices and can change it.
1.4 The acquisition of the point:
The member can win the points for the target rate in participation facilities.
The point that is targeted for 1.4.a. program terms: The accumulation of the point becomes a target of HPD REWARD terms. The HPD REWARD member has a duty to read through Terms of Use for understanding of the structure of a right, responsibility in HPD REWARD and the point acquisition.
A condition about the movement of the 1.4.b. point:   The point to occur does not make the proprietary rights of the member. I can transfer the point that HPD REWARD member accumulated to nobody except the following cases for only the benefit of member.
It is the death i: On the passing of member, we receive all required documents and news and, after the confirmation, may allow you to transfer a non-exchange point of the account of the member who passed away by our original discretion to the account of the family who is an effective member or the friend. But other privileges concerned cannot shift.
When I judge that the transfer of the point was carried out by the method that ii .HPD REWARD is against royalty program terms by a free hand, the transferred point may forfeit it.
1.4.c. point expiration date policy: It is necessary for the member to keep a qualification effectively to maintain the point that I accumulated in HPD REWARD. A member account for 36 months of the activity results when there is not it, all the points of the member account become the lapse. The member can maintain the point that I accumulated by performing point exchange of HPD REWARD at least one time for 36 months.
2.Acquisition of the point of HPD REWARD
When I reserve our hotel to run and inn from our homepage with HPD REWARD (called a point as follows) and stay, I give a predetermined point, and a member says the system that can use a hotel, the inn which we run with a reduced fare to the member by a point.
2.1 Issuance of point
 (1) We issue a point equivalent to 1% of point issuance object amounts of money to set of a next article after having confirmed staying in us when the member concerned actually performs staying according to a reservation for the member who reserved the guest room through a reservation system. The points which I issued have value of the 1 yen equivalency per one point.
 (2) When plural members make a reservation as one group, I issue a point for the representative one who made a reservation on a reservation system.
2.2 Definition of the amount of money targeted for the points issuance
When a member reserved the guest room of the accommodations through a reservation system, the amount of money targeted for the points issuance shall point to the hotel charges establishing at the time of a reservation, and, as for the thing setting it as follows, it is said with the point issuance object amount of money outside and is not intended for the point use.
(1)  The rate that a member performed a reservation and an application without the reservation system of our homepage
(2)  The rate except the room charge including refrigerator charges in the staying, telephone bill, massage charges and the plan rate and a tax and service charge with that
(3)  The dining charge in eating and drinking facilities, use of private room charges, the rate except the plan rate and a tax and service charge with that
(4)  For the use at the wedding ceremony (I include a restaurant wedding, the wedding ceremony second party)
(5)  A tax and service charge with charge and that of use of meeting room charges, activity in incidental facilities
(6)  For the use by the payment of except a member
(7)  Dispersion, the addition to the members point plural by one use
2.3 The use of the point
The number that pulled a fraction within 100 concerned when the use of the point assumed 100 points 1 unit, and a fraction within 100 occurred for a point equivalent to an amount of money targeted for the point use of the point set a ceiling. When the total of the point to possess does not reach 100 points, the member cannot use a point.
2.4 Expiration date of the point
The use of the reservation system for the point grant cries for three years from a point grant day.
2.5 Point shift between accounts
I cannot transfer a maintained point (all or part) between accounts under any circumstance. In addition, I cannot unify different accounts.
3.I change HPD REWARD point
The member, please confirm available point inspection now on a website.
The 3.1.a. member cannot exchange the points for cash, a prize or credit.
The reword judged that it was issued by the person except 3.1.b. exchange, sale, unjust issuance or the qualified member becomes invalid and is not available.
When I make a reservation within at least 24 hours before 3.2.a., point exchange is added automatically if a member has the point that is enough for all stays, and the point exchange is enabled at the time of check-out.
The 3.2.b. point exchange is effective only for a personal trip and is not applicable to package tour, a package tour, a convention or other special rates, eating and drinking credit, an incidental expense or a service charge.
The shortest duration of stay requirements, the standard guarantee of each facility including a cancellation rate, the cancellation bill that it was past a time limit without permission and cancellation policy are applied to the guest room reservation of the stay by the 3.2.c. point exchange.
When I do not cancel the reservation of the stay by the guaranteed point exchange within the cancellation period when 3.2.d. member was recognized, as for the changed point, it is added return to a member account.
I may establish the limit to the number of the guest rooms of the standard room to be able to use for making a reservation by the point exchange on a day of the 3.2.e. identification.
When I use a point for a stay by the 3.3.a. point exchange, as for the member, an additional point may be necessary for the reservation of "the upgrading rooms" such as suites.
I can use the 3.3.b. upgrading only when I change a point for the stay in facilities. Upgrading includes two kinds of the next.
It is point upgrading i: When I change a point to upgrade it from the standard room, "the point upgrading" is required, and may not be available by the availability of facilities. Please see the details about the participation in planning facilities which I chose to make a reservation.
ii.Paid upgrading: In the facilities, the member can pay the upgrading to a reservation in the rate per night. The rate of "the paid upgrading" varies according to participation in planning facilities and is requested from a statement during the stay of the member.
The condition of the 3.3.c. upgrading varies according to each facility, guest room type and seasons.
4.HPD REWARD membership
4.1 Summary of the HPD membership
All program terms are applied to 4.1.a. membership. It is a member without a notice again
I change terms and have a limit, a correction or a right to cancel.
I fight against a violation and an illegal act, the facilities in conjunction with 4.1.b. member terms and the customer or us and the employee
When I judge us to have performed a certain act, fraud, inappropriateness of abusing it or hostility act,
We take measures of membership concerned, all unused possession points, deprivation, cancellation, reservation and others,
By our carte blanche, I have a right to let you show the effect promptly anytime without a written notice.
This program terms do not limit our any legal right to have, use of the legal relief measure either.
The privilege of the 4.1.c. membership is applied to the stay at the target rate, and is provided only in a member, and it is applied to only one guest room where a member stays in.
A member including a bonus point, the upgrading receive a membership benefit (but these are not best).
When I judge that compensation money should be paid about 4.1.d. membership benefit guarantee,
It is necessary for the member to demand the payment before checking out during a stay in participation facilities.
When I do not perform billing before check-out, I will completely abandon a right to receive such a compensation money.
It is necessary for information such as a member number, the membership of the member, the hope of the bed type to be included in a reservation to receive 4.1.e. membership benefit guarantee.
About the reservation at the rate to be for performed through a meeting planner, a travel agency, a hall seller or other authorized third party suppliers,
To receive a privilege guarantee, this information included in the reservation it is necessary.
The guest who accompanies 4.1.f. member, and stays at the participation facilities does not become a target of the privilege guarantee.
4.2 Requirements of the HPD membership
A point for membership acquisition and the update is added only when a member stays in the 4.2.a. facilities at own expense as an individual.
The guest room of the member is given a point every staying night to be targeted for 4.2.b.
The 4.2.c. membership is available for acquisition through the accommodation plan of each group facility. In that case, Terms of Use are applied.
5.Additional condition of the HPD REWARD enrollment
5.1 Monitoring of the member account
We maintain a right to watch all member accounts without a prior notice to investigate whether a member obeys program terms. We may confirm an HPD REWARD and point of all members including other privileges, target stay, zansuu of the staying to be for and business history.
5.2 Correction of the privilege
We may revise (according to these terms), a point multiplied by the account of the member or the membership that target staying, member were given by original discretion anytime.
5.3 Change, the end of this service
On account of us, I may finish some or all of this service. In this case all rights about the use of this service of the member lose it by the end of this service unless a notice announces that we set the particular handling for a member explicitly or they announce it.
In addition, please confirm the latest contents on homepages as you may change the use condition to include all Terms of Use without a notice.
5.4 Tax
A point, other membership benefits become a target of income tax or other taxes. The member pays a tax in responsibility of each person and shall perform all the disclosure to correspond for the third party including the person concerned (is not limited to these) who paid about the business that a member won the points. We do not take responsibility to a point, a tax, the duty in conjunction with other membership benefits, other rates.
5.5 Denial of the responsibility
We do not take any responsibility about the following.
(A) Loss, address application, the notice of the member, a point exchange request or the membership benefit's mistake or delay of the receipt
(B) The theft of the point, unjust exchange or abuse
(C) The act by the third party or inaction
(D) An error (I include error of the price or printing error, error of the explanation, request for point/withdrawal from a member account, but am not limited to these) that I produced in conjunction with HPD REWARD.
We have the right that any error revises without a notice
5.6 Interpretation of terms
As for all interpretation of HPD REWARD terms about the membership, our decision becomes the final decision by our original discretion. When contradiction occurs while it is for version and translation of terms in Japan, I am based on a Japanese version.
5.7 Registered trademark
It is an only and exclusive owner of the material that with a registered trademark, a service mark, a brand name, the logo of us and our hotel, inn to run and the copyright or the copyright acquisition is possible or a licensee. The member interferes with the ownership of these trademarks directly or indirectly at any place and shall not do formal objection, an application procedure or insistence.
5.8 Disclaimers
(1) When or I cause annoying damage to a third party by a member using this service
This shall be settled in the responsibility between the people concerned, and we do not take any responsibility.
(2) When some kind of inconvenience or damage occurs for a communication state, the weather situation by this service not having been available to members, we do not take any responsibility.
5.9 A governing law and choice of the venue
The governing law about these terms assumes it Japanese law. When suit occurs with a member between us, I assume Osaka District Court an exclusive agreement competent court of the first trial.
5.10 Agreement
Unless, with terms referred to, constitute a complete agreement concluded among us and members in conjunction with the contents of these terms, and shall give priority to it over the prior consent of all in conjunction with contents and a prior contract (regardless of word of mouth and a document) and is specified whether the HPD REWARD terms are incorporated in these terms in writing or is announced on a website, a correction cannot change it.
6.1 Cancellation fee
  I charge a cancellation fee (cancellation charge) in the following ratios for the contract price about the cancellation (cancellation) of making a reservation.
  Three days ago : 20%
  Two days ago : 30%
  The day before: 50%
  On the day: 100%
  A non-night: 100% (when I do not hear from you)
6.1.a A cancellation fee may vary according to the plans such as a busy season or discount plan.
6.1.b When it varies according to a cancellation fee and the plans that a cancellation fee establishes in the above (6.1), a cancellation fee listed in a plan or a confirmation email is given priority to.
The above
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