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Anniversary episode

The sixtieth birthday celebration "celebration of sixtieth birthday of father by a family vacation"

As "all the families gather for a trip for New Year holidays, I want to celebrate the sixtieth birthday of father!" A hotel got a contact in this.

I did the meeting of the party in customers with a concierge slowly and carefully on the sixtieth birthday for about 20 days in an anniversary! For favorite father of the liquor, I suggest a given glass of the edging than a concierge. I hear about the message which I thought about in brothers, and vicarious writing is asked for by a professional.

 It is finally the party day! I check in and pretend to go to the room and move to the photograph room in the hotel. I photographed a souvenir picture in families and had you spend time to dinner in each room. 

The banquet room between the tatami mat called "the evening calm" that the dinner venue was 15 whole families and chartered with an ocean view! For bad mother of the foot, I prepared at a chair and a seat at a table. The opening of the party began by the "to your health" cheerful shout by the grandchild. Father who noticed the glass of the drink being different only in one! Liquor is faster joyfully while being proud of it in all.

Finally, the present of "the message which there was on the mount of the photograph" from a family! While smiling at a message, father of the self-conscious smile.

A family photograph and the album with the message have been mailed to the home from the party one month later. An impression of then is ... again

Memorial day "memorial day "ceremony to celebrate a baby's first eating" of the first child" of the child

I want to do a ceremony to celebrate a baby's first eating at a hotel! The consultation that I prepare for what as I try it for the first time, and there is not from the river is ... 

The first memorial day for the child who a child is born with the ceremony to celebrate a baby's first eating, and is performed around the 100th day. It is an event to perform with a wish so that the child who is also known as celebration for 100 days is not in trouble for food. I suggested next so that it was 1st when such important 1st was more memorable.

・It is "100" balloons and decorations in the bed of the guest room
・I photograph it affectionately simply because it is a photograph to leave for memory while thinking of own child
・I present the paperweight that the name of the child and the weight and height when I was born were had edging of to your parents! He/she should remember the day of the ceremony to celebrate a baby's first eating like yesterday whenever I see symbol "apple" of the happiness even if it is far and lives.
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