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Rent-a-car user-limited staying discount campaign

[campaign implementation period]
For April 26, 2024 staying for ... March 31, 2025 staying

[the amount of furtherance] 3,000 yen per one. 
※I am assigned to 1 trip and give you a once only for discount
※It is finished when it reached 1,000 first arrival. 

[flow of the discount]
▼I borrow a rent-a-car (limited to a ※ All Japan Rent-a-car Association participation shop. Please confirm a target store before a rental)
▼ I stay at the participation in planning accommodations in Naruto-shi
▼ The presentation, a questionnaire list rent-a-car kashitokeiyakusho at the time of check-in 
▼ I pay the hotel charges after the discount at the time of check-out         
[attention] It is only for the local settlement.
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