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kurabusabi (from April 1, 2024 to September 30)

In the aoaonarutorizoto, I have a customer enjoying long stay (more than a stay for 2 days) as a premium guest.
Club Savvy (kurabusabi) is service to have you spend a long-term stay more comfortably.
■The person who stays at aoao more than a stay for 2 days
Until period/from April 1, 2024 to September 30 (the first night day base)
Eligible people/adult, primary schoolchild ※Baby or younger is inapplicable
Higher than stay for 3 days apply for from 13 to 14 on July in 2024, from July 20 to August 26
※I will publish it as soon as it is settled after October 1, 2024

Hospitality of Club Savvy

aoaobichirando experience menu, raccoon dog program

It is advantageous and can enjoy the menu of the country of aoaobichirando and Awa.
▼List of menus becoming advantageous

※Some menus are excluded
※Until check-in day 15:00 - check-out day 11:00

Lunch service

You can use a lunch free (except the ※ check-in day)
Place/terasukafeoge (main tower 1F)
Contents/beef curry set or noodles
  ・Odd number day…Sanuki-udon (or I dump Naruto seaweed)
  ・Even number day…Tokushima ramen
※I will provide the busy seasons in buffet-style.

The Aya lunch buffet is advantageous, too

It is advantageous and can use Aya lunch buffet (except the ※ check-in day)
Time/11:30 ..., 1315 ... (nyu*sei)
Place/Awa regional cuisine "Aya" (main tower 2F)
Of 1650 yen per person additional charge/(tax-included); (adult, primary schoolchild rate)
※As it may become full, I recommend that he/she makes a reservation.
※The order in case of the net reservation, please choose "absorption in [lunch, CLUB SAVVY privilege-limited] regional cuisine buffet Awa".

Drink service

Coffee leaves the nest and can use a drink freely anytime.
Place/terasukafeoge (main tower 1F)
※Until check-in day 15:00 - check-out day 11:00

Tennis court rental cycle service

You can use tennis court rent-a-bicycle during a stay free.
※Until check-in day 15:00 ..., check-out day 11:00
※I may set a limit by status at time

Early check-in & late check-out

※/13-14, 7/20-8/31 are excluded in 7 in 2024

◇You can use a guest room from early check-in 14:00.
◇You can use a guest room until late check-out 12:00.

※I will issue sabikado of the consecutive stay hotel guest by the front at the time of check-in.
※Contents may be changed.
※The photograph is an image.
※As you may be different from the contents mentioned above, about after September 30, 2024, please be careful.

Cocktail service to enjoy the night of the full moon

Moon Light Night
Small cocktail time to color the night when a full moon rises elegantly. Please enjoy it with a canape of the chef specialite de la maison and various drinks.
shimiitadaikemasu (once during ※ stay) free comfortable as for the customer of kurabusabi

◇The date: Five days when I put 2nd before and after the day of the full moon
◇Time: 20:00-21:30 
◇A place: terasukafeoge
◇Service: 1 cocktail +1 plate canape

※It may be 21:00 for the business hours
※The photograph is an image
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