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The hospitality that is first-class in all
"aoaofuroa" for exclusive use of the customer staying at main the seventh floor of the tower Japanese suite

Lounge service

The exclusive lounge which can overlook Seto Inland Sea and Ohashi, Naruto

A lounge of main the seventh floor of the tower "aoaofuroa" is available. Coffee, tea leave the nest (by a season "yukou") and prepare juice.

Premium check-in, check-out

In the seventh-floor aoaoraunji, you can use premium check-in, check-out.
It is 00, check-out 12:00 check-in 14 
※2024.7/13-7/14, 7/20-8/31, 9/14-9/15, 9/21-9/22 check in at 15:00

Exclusive hot spring "light blue"

You can use the hot spring "light blue" for exclusive use of the main Japanese suite guest who can enjoy magnificent scenery of the Seto Inland Sea from the seventh floor of the tower.
<NO1> "Yoshinogawa"
A bath set in the cave which was based on white to remind of Kagekatsu whom Yoshino "Yoshinogawa" built up.
※It is only for women by time

<NO2> "The plover ka beach"
Bathroom which was based on the black that it was calm and was calm like the wave which washed the natural beauty spot "plover ka beach" drawn in novel "Naruto secret notebook."
※It is only for men by time

Guidance of "light blue" business hours

Guidance using 7F temporary exhibition wish bath "light blue" (Asagi)
You can use the main hot spring which can enjoy magnificent scenery of Setonaikai National Park from the seventh floor of the tower by reservations in time.
■14:00-19:00 [reservations time]
BathroomReservations time limit (for each 45 minutes)
No. 1 Yoshinogawa14:00-14:45
No. 2000 bird ka beach14:15-15:0015:15-16:0016:15-17:0017:15-18:0018:15-19:00
※Please contact the front desk on the use.
The first reservation order> after the arrival of <
※I hand the key to hot spring at the front desk.
Please return it after the use to the front desk.
※There is the closed-door use in a night in time and should be 1 frame.
※After the use, I have time of 15 minutes for elaborate cleaning, sanitization. Thank you for your understanding.
◆It is not available for check cleaning to 11:00-17:00 every Wednesday.    


Room service breakfast

●Breakfast can choose the room service. [it requires reservation the day before by 21:00]
※I change an offer method, part of menu and will cope.

Higher-grade comfortable sleep

The pillow menu which chooses the favorite pillow

I prepare a low-elasticity pillow and seven kinds of pillows including the buckwheat chaff to be able to meet requirements of the customer.
  • Buckwheat chaff pillow
  • tempyurukonfotopiro
  • Anion pillow
  • Low-elasticity pillow
  • Pipe pillow
  • Feather pillow (the inside)
  • Feather pillow (low)
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