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tanu kids program

Welcome to aoao!
I experience it and, in the sea, play in a hotel and. Pleasure is full!

Infant (non-school children) service guidance

I perform the support that the small child can spend in peace.

Room for kids
 rizo large room

In a bunk bed and a room of a certain warmth interior, rizo Futoshi plays hide-and-seek in wall paper and a curtain, amenity. I prepare the child amenity.

Bunk bed + twin 2 room (connecting) to be able to enjoy the three-generation family trip so good
Bunk bed + twin bed

aoaobichi, outdoor pool
 (in sea bathing and pool OPEN the late June and early September)
I play with water with all one's might in the summer! As a private beach and the pool where the first child feels relieved, and the sea can be idle are the hotel immediate side, it is convenient at all. I play play with sand and a ball game, fireworks and can enjoy the playing in the water off-season.
▶The details this (placed information in the summer of 2024!)
▶The off-season except the summer is this

Fishing experience (fishing pond, fishing boat)
I can catch specialty of whirlpool, Naruto sea bream or challenge it in a fishing pond! As for the fishing at sea full-scale by ship charter.
▶The details are this

The experience that works
 (targeted for 4-12 years old)
Recruitment of kids who want to work at a hotel including patissier and the bell staff! It is the workplace of the cozy atmosphere. There is payment of salary (coupon in the hall) after work.
▶The details are this

Country of Awa
The space where there is good old fair play in the old days. You can get a premium if you win the games such as quoitses! As for the painting and the making paper by hand Japanese paper of the Otani ware, the folkcraft experience of Tokushima including the indigo dyeing.
▶The details are this

Art studio
In the memory that came to the sea, let's make the wonderful accessory using the shell! Original photoframe and gel candle, accessories as a souvenir.
▶The details are this

Seasonal taste hunting
A lot of food which is delicious for Tokushima of the calm climate! Let's enjoy seasonal gain♪
▶The details are this

Look for a rock, paper, scissors man
Let's play rock-paper-scissors looking for the staff who put a rock, paper, scissors man badge! If a stamp becomes the bingo, you can get rizo large goods♪
▶I hand a stamp sheet at the front desk.
A character of aoao is a family of the raccoon dog! Daddy & mom is with 3 brothers of rizo Futoshi, Rene, a naruto. All are slightly shy. Find it because you appear on the menus of a signboard and the restaurant in the hotel in secret.

Spend "money of the raccoon dog"!
It is fun of something extra for coupon "money of the raccoon dog" in the hall ♪ Both an adult and the child are usable in an activity and the fair!
▶The thing that "money of the raccoon dog" is usable is this

A lot of legends of the raccoon dog stay in Shikoku and are very famous for "a head (kincho) Kim raccoon dog" in Tokushima. There are the Shinto shrine of the raccoon dog and the bronze statue and the festival and the cake in Tokushima, and the mascot of the soccer team of Tokushima is a raccoon dog, too! Tokushima is very familiar with a raccoon dog.
▶The old days story "head raccoon dog story of the reading Kim" [PDF]

Mystery of the aoao "oshite letter"
The logo mark of aoao is slightly mysterious. It is the design using the old letter called "oshite letter".

rizo Futoshi illustration album
In fact, rizo Futoshi of the cheerful raccoon dog renews a design six times. I introduce various rizo Futoshi including rizo Futoshi challenging rizo Futoshi, the activity of good old old rizo Futoshi and various costume plays!
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